Cheryl Cole Revisited: Newcastle's Andy Carroll in Love with Cheryl?

Maxx GCorrespondent IINovember 8, 2010

Cheryl Cole Revisited: Newcastle's Andy Carroll in Love with Cheryl?

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    Cheryl Cole is perhaps the hottest and most beautiful woman alive in the United Kingdom.

    Cheryl is busy with the live shows on The X Factor, and there was more good news waiting for her: The singer grabbed a record offer of £6million from the U.S. for her album.

    The Girls Aloud star is yet to sign on the dotted line, and she has been offered £6million for the deal, which would include releasing her first two albums—3 Words and Messy Little Raindrops—and two further ones in the U.S.

    The reunion with her "good old friend" Derek Hough has also brought a big smile to Cheryl's face. The world was just thinking and writing up stories that Cheryl has found her new soulmate, but just then...

    Just then the Toon star made his statements. Andy Carroll from Newcastle United made remarks that changed the angle and created a new love dimension here.

    So, I would like to present you the story in brief with a treat to your eyes, as we revisit the Cheryl Cole gallery.

    Welcome to one of the hottest living creatures' slideshow.

Tribute to Poor Ashley

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    When you type the words Cheryl Cole and search Google Images, this may be the first picture that always comes to the list, and so the most popular too.

    This is a tribute to Cheryl's ex-husband Ashley Cole. Ashley has been really on the top ranks of the unlucky list after losing out on Cheryl, and we understand your pain, Ashley.

    While the England international and Chelsea left back is in a great form, it seems like his ex-wife is having a great career too.

    Now gaze.

The Lover Boy Andy Carroll

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    Meet the lover boy, Andy Carroll.

    Newcastle United has the two hottest players (hottest means from the game performance here) at the moment. They are Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll. Andy is the poacher here. 

    Undoubtedly, Carroll has an eye for goal. He has targeted the right target, or rather the best target. 

    Reports say Carroll has said that Cheryl is a dream woman and he would love to go on to a date with Cheryl. In fact, Cheryl should go with Carroll for a date as per the latter.

    As Carroll says in the picture, you are mine Cheryl, and this goal is for you!!!

What Did Carroll Say?

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    Carrol fancies his fellow Geordie and thinks he can woo the dream woman.

    Carroll told The Sun, "Cheryl is my dream woman. With all she's been through I think what she really needs is to return to her roots and get herself a good down-to-earth Geordie boyfriend.

    "If I can get her out for a dinner date I'm sure I could convince her I'm the one for her."

    Now, while you are busy reading this, don't miss out the special pix here. The blue dress is quite revealing and hot.

Let Cheryl Think

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    Yes, let Cheryl think while I let you enjoy two of the wonderful links below.

    Cheryl Hottest Picture

    Cheryl Song Video

Cheryl Remains in All Hearts

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    Be it a married person, a hungry bachelor or a star, Cheryl remains as a queen in all hearts.

    As she gets the crown of a sure winner from my side, I hope you all will agree with me too.

    She is a woman whom you can't say NO to perhaps.

    Rock on, Cheryl.