Could a WWE Verson of 'TNA ReACTION' Work?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 5, 2010

I have recently started fully watching TNA lately. I noticed there was something on after it called "TNA ReACTION."

At first I simply thought this might have been just maybe some extra rookie matches or something like that.

After watching my first-ever Reaction I have got to say, I am impressed. Now while most people might not like this type of stuff for wrestling, I simply love it. 

It makes the viewers believe there is real hate and emotions to it. Not that the WWE doesn't have this, but not to this degree.

The question is; Could a version of this on WWE work?

I believe the answer to be yes and no. Yes to the fact that it could add more to rivalries and help out the young guys' mic skills, and no because there are not enough rivalries that are continuous.

It seems that they only have one legit rivalry on each show. Think about Edge for a second before he was on Smackdown.

Before he left he said he was on a war against all things stupid. This, to me, seemed interesting.

Maybe he could go on a roll against guys for a month or two leading up to the world title, but it got cut short.

WWE needs more continuous rivalries such as HHH and The Rock kinds. No, there will never be any with the same impact that those two had but they really need to stop with these video game ones that last a month then change and they act as if it never happened.  

This would be cool if WWE did have it because, and I am only saying this because it is the biggest rivalry known around WWE right now, so Cena haters leave me alone is John Cena and the Nexus. 

It could add some extra kick to the rivalry and give some guys camera time who have not had a lot of it, such as Slater and Gabriel.

Creative could also gain from this. Instead of working so hard (sarcasm) they can do it doing less work.

So do you believe the WWE could benefit from something like ReACTION, or is it not for them?