Could O'Sullivan Be The Savior for the 49ers?

Nelson EstupinContributor IAugust 25, 2008

They have a starting quarterback and his name is JT.

Coaches Martz and Nolan have decided to start JT O'Sullivan in place of their first round draft pick Alex Smith.  The hurler had something to show the coaching staff and made the most of the snaps and starts he took in the preseason, which finally granted him the starting job. 

As for Alex Smith, he's adjusting to his new role as back up and understands that while he is still young and he's still learning the pro game he just needs to bide his time, learn the system, and his turn will come soon enough.

Runningback Frank Gore seems to like the decision and stated so in his camp blog on

This shake-up may just do the trick to start the team's turn around.  As opening day comes, we shall see...