College Football: Will ESPN Promote Boise State To the BCS Championship Game?

Brett StephenAnalyst IINovember 4, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 26:  ESPN College GameDay announcers (l to r) Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit comment during the NCAA football game between Notre Dame and Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium on October 26, 2002 in Tallahassee, Florida.  The Notre Dame Fighting Irish defeated the Florida State Seminoles 34-24.  (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)
Craig Jones/Getty Images

ESPN, led by Mel Kiper and Kirk Herbstreit, is doing everything it can to make sure that their highly cherished Boise State Broncos make it into the BCS Championship game.

Since the preseason, ESPN has been running commercials with Boise State head coach Chris Peterson, giving the Broncos some national publicity and putting them in the spotlight.

Kiper and Herbstreit have consistently promoted Boise State with the argument that “they can only play the teams on their schedule.”  However, anytime the talk turns to more deserving teams like TCU or Utah, that argument goes out the window.

So why does Boise State get a pass on their weak schedule but other teams do not?

On Thursday morning’s Sportscenter, Kiper actually argued against TCU and Utah being ranked in the Top 10, stating that they are overrated because of their lack of a "signature win" and that they both "benefit from their schedule." 

In the next segment of the show, he made arguments for Boise State playing in the National Championship game based on their "overall body of work."

It’s just plain ridiculous.

Kiper has made a case for Boise State's Kellen Moore being a Heisman candidate, yet he does not list Moore even in his Top 5 NFL quarterback prospects.  Why not? 

Is it because the level of competition that he plays in college allows him to dominate?  I think so.

The only person on the ESPN staff that speaks based on logic and not bias is Todd McShay.  McShay is analyzing the college football season rationally and is the only analyst at ESPN that will say anything negative about the beloved Broncos of Boise State.

In a BCS ranking system that is highly based on human opinion, ESPN should be a neutral party reporting sports news and not a promoter of any team.

The spotlight and promotion that ESPN is giving Boise State is unfair and it is skewing voting from voters that do not watch all of the games each week, but instead watch highlights for their information.

The network will obviously not be satisfied until Boise State gets a shot at the national title.  If it would not keep a deserving team out of the championship, I would love to see Boise State get that shot and get absolutely manhandled by a team that actually deserves a title shot.