NFL Picks Week 9: Predictions for Every Game This Weekend

Josh McCainSenior Writer INovember 4, 2010

NFL Picks Week 9: Predictions for Every Game This Weekend

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    Well we're at the halfway point in the season, and I have to say a lot of what has gone down has been nearly hard to predict.

    For instance when the season started who the heck would have thought two of the weekend's biggest games would be KC@OAK and TB@ATL?

    Even in this unpredictable season I'm still doing respectable at 70-47 overall.

    Well anyways, let's get to the picks.


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    On the subject of unpredictable, who would have thought the Jets would get shut out at home 9-0?

    Also who thought the Lions would have a double-digit win over the Redskins where Donovan McNabb gets pulled with 1:45 remaining?

    Even with both teams having unpredictable performances last week, this week should be predictable and the Jets should get back to their Super Bowl shuffle.

    Jets win 16-9.


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    This game is a showdown for first place in the NFC South, who knew that it would be at the start of the season?

    Anyways, both these teams are off to a good start, where they'll finish I'm not sure because I'm not fully sold on both.

    With that said my pick simply goes down to home-field advantage, which means I give the game to Atlanta.

    No score here, Atlanta by the home field given three points.


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    I don't know what to make of either of these two teams.  At moments of their games they look unstoppable, then the next you wonder how they're ever going to win another game.

    So it comes down to defense. 

    The Chargers can play defense, Houston, not so much.

    So Chargers win 31-27.


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    The Dolphins travel up to Baltimore to take on the Ravens and their smothering defense.

    This isn't a slam dunk win for the Ravens who needed extra time to beat the lowly Bills, but Chad Henne isn't Ryan Fitzpatrick (again who at the beginning of the season thought anyone would say that).

    This will be a low-scoring ugly game, and the Ravens' defense will be the difference.

    Ravens win 17-10.


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    The Saints got a desperately needed shot in the arm with their win over the Steelers on Sunday, and as dessert they get the lowly Panthers.

    Even with the Saints' long Super Bowl hangover, they won't lose this one.

    Saints win 24-14.


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    These two teams are terrible, but at least to me it looks like the Cardinals are trying to win and the Vikings have appeared to pack it all in.

    So where I would normally take the Vikings at home in this one, I'm going with the Cardinals because they at least look to me like they're going to play the season out where the Vikings and their elderly quarterback just can't wait for their nightmare to be over.

    So (can't believe I'm doing this) Cardinals win 17-14 in overtime.


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    After their loss to Jacksonville (when I picked them to win) I swore I was done picking the Bills this season.

    However, they welcome the Bears to Toronto this Sunday and Ryan Fitzpatrick has been nuts lately.

    If the Bills defense can get to Jay Cutler (and I think they can), I think the Bills can win this game.

    So like my last pick I'm going against my best judgment and I'll take the Bills 20-10.


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    They Patriots are looking to be in Super Bowl form again, and the Browns are the Browns.

    Pats win 28-6.

    Also, look for the awkward handshake at the end of the game between the two head coaches.


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    Just when I thought the Seahawks were for real, they laid an egg against of all teams the Raiders.

    The Giants though are for real, and are probably the best team in the NFC.

    So, this is an easy pick Giants win 27-13.


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    This game is going to come down to the Eagles defense.

    Are they going to be able to shut down Peyton Manning?

    They have the ability to, but it's Peyton Manning and it's hard to pick against Peyton Manning so I won't.

    Colts win this one 24-20.


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    Ladies and Gentlemen your game of the week!

    I've said it all season that the Raiders have no chance at the postseason, and I still feel that way, but a win over the Chiefs could go a long way towards changing my mind.

    But I don't think they will, the Chiefs are going to win a close one 17-13.


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    At the start of the season we all thought this could be a preview for the NFC Championship game.

    Well at this point in the season we know one of these teams won't be there.

    The Cowboys look like they've packed it in for the rest of the season, and probably have a lame duck coaching staff so who is going to pick them in this game?

    Not me, the Packers are finally enjoying a winning streak, and won't let the Cowboys spoil it.

    Packers win 24-7.


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    I'm sure when the schedule makers made this a Monday Night Game they thought this would have AFC North Championship implications, well, they were wrong.

    The Bengals are just terrible, and the Steelers are the Steelers.

    The Bengals will bungle their way to another loss.

    Steelers win 28-13.

That's All Folks

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    Well folks enjoy Sunday's games, and if you're one of those fans whose team is all but out of the playoffs just remember there is always next year.