College Football Week 10 BlogPoll Top 25

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst INovember 4, 2010
1Oregon8-018v. Washington
2Auburn9-0229v. Chattanooga
3Boise State7-0348v. Hawaii
4Alabama7-1437at (8)LSU
5TCU9-0559at (17)Utah
6Wisconsin7-1811at Purdue
7Nebraska7-11013at Iowa State
8LSU7-1914v. (4)Alabama
9Ohio State8-11158IDLE
10Stanford7-1129v. (12)Arizona
11Oklahoma7-11323at Texas A&M
12Arizona7-11617at (10)Stanford
13South Carolina6-21730v. (18)Arkansas
14Iowa6-22018at Indiana
15Michigan State8-1621v. Minnesota
16Missouri7-177at Texas Tech
17Utah8-01563v. (5)TCU
18Arkansas6-21826at (13)South Carolina
19Virginia Tech6-21941v. Georgia Tech (Nov. 4)
20Oklahoma State7-12328v. (25)Baylor
21Mississippi State7-22535IDLE
22North Carolina State6-2NR15at Clemson
23Florida State6-21419v. North Carolina
24Illinois5-3NR43at Michigan
25Baylor7-2NR50at (20)Oklahoma State


Ohio State: The bloodletting in Minneapolis nets the Buckeyes a couple of spots.  The coming bye week will present an equivalent challenge but the result may be the opposite as Stanford and Arizona have opportunities to climb over the OSU.  

Penn State is improved, but Michigan continues its late season downward spiral (3-17 under Rodriguez in October and November).  So, it continues to be a one game season for Ohio State at Iowa on November 20.  Win, and a top 5 ranking seems likely.  Lose, and get used to hanging out with Virginia Tech.

Trendspotting: For the first time in six weeks, my top five remained the same.  That is either a commentary on my inability to place the best teams at the top of my poll or the lack of truly great teams this season.  Or both.  With two of the top five playing ranked opponents on the road, this new streak may stop at one week.

Then what?: Heading into the 10th weekend of college football not a single Big East team resides inside the vaunted Buckeye Commentary BlogPoll.  What’s more interesting, there seems to be little hope of one breaking into the rankings.  West Virginia was the last Big East squad to crack the poll, but there is a little that could convince me that they belong again.

Going up (or even): Not one of the six SEC teams dropped in the poll after last week.  I guarantee that will not happen this week.