Wrestling's Young Stars and Thier Futures

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IAugust 25, 2008

Have you noticed recently that WWE has been bringing in allot of new talent? Wonder why? WWE recognizes that their top stars won't be around forever and they want to familiarize the fans with the some of the young talent that could someday be the face of the company. This is not only limited to WWE, TNA has allot of young, athletic, hunger young stars too, and I will be looking at all of them and what they have to offer to their company. We will start with WWE.




John Morrison- Okay this guy is everything the WWE could ever ask for in a future champion. He has the look, the attitude, and the athletic ability. This young man is already a 5 time Tag Team Champion, 2 time Intercontinental Champion, and a former ECW Champion. That says allot about how the WWE looks at young Morrison. If you were to ask me I think he is much more talented than CM Punk. Morrison has allot he can still offer his company and I hope he sticks around long enough for management to do something meaningful with him. Main Event push maybe?

Brian Kendrick- This guy is Shawn Michaels circa 1992. There are no limits to what Kendrick could achieve in the WWE he has allot of support backstage and he can certainly deliver in the ring. He is being pushed to the moon, and will be main eventing Unforgiven in the WWE Championship match. If you had told Kendrick that 4 months ago he probably would have shit himself. Brian could be the future HBK and is a Star on the rise on Smackdown. I just hope management doesn’t decide to stop his push or he will be heading right back to jobber central. Fingers crossed on this one.

MVP- This guy has everything it takes to be the top heel in the WWE. He is just buying his time until WWE needs him to move on up. I see money in this young man’s future. He was the last man to get a nice rub from Chris Benoit and I think that really helped elevate him. He has drive, he has confidence and he looks like he knows what he is doing in that ring. He delivers nice little promos too. I see MVP becoming a top heel on Smackdown in the next year is so before being traded to Raw and feuding with Chris Jericho and John Cena.

Ken Kennedy- Well if Kennedy can keep himself un injured I see bright lights for whatever WWE decides to do with him. I don't see much of a future in his "ass kissing" face run, but as a heel Kennedy is red hot. I'm looking at a man who has the potential to become the future top hell in all of wrestling. He just needs to prove that to the guys backstage.

Santino Marrela- Santino is the "Hot Rod" Rowdy Roddy Piper of this generation. He is funny and makes us laugh and has decent to okay matches that require him cheating to win. Again funny, but that is not going to do him any favors in 10 years when your doing the same old thing over and over again. Santino is talented, but if he really wants to stick around long term he better learn to get better in the ring. Or he will be out of the door in a few years. This is not 1989 you won't get paid just to make the crowd giggle you have to put on decent matches or they will lose interest in you.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBease Jr.- This young duo has everything going for them. Now the writers just need to do something with it. Their hungry and want respect. So instead of jobbing them out to John Cena have them jump some established superstar and demand respect (maybe Kane). In all fairness I see a brighter future for Cody Rhodes who has a very nice "Randy Orton Attitude" about him. Cody has a lot to live up to in his "Hall of Fame Daddy" in the words of JR. I'm not sure how Ted would do on his own, but I see way more potential in Cody. He has future World Champion written all over him.

Evan Bourne- This kid is very talented. I don't know a whole lot about him, but from what I have seen of him looks very impressive. He has only been around for about a month or so and it is hard to tell what the WWE will do with him. He could be a future 10 time world Champion or he could be released next month. Time will tell with this young stud, but were ever he goes he is made an impact on me. That has to count for something. He has so much raw potential and I hope WWE sees that.

Kofi Kingston- I think this kid is something special. He has only been with the company since what January? The kid has already held the Intercontinental Championship, and he did it on his first night on the Raw brand. The jury is still out on Kingston and so am I in that regard. He doesn’t come across as somebody WWE will be investing its future in. I don't see Kingston getting any main-even pushes in the future. Who really now, maybe I’m wrong.

Shelton Benjamin- Oh God! Here we go again. The way I see it this is Shelton's last chance. Management knows he can do better and they are pushing him to do better. They also think he could have a big future in the WWE. He is already accomplished allot in the WWE, and a main event push would be icing on the cake. Look at him. He is talented, confident, and athletic. He is a future World Champion in the making if he pushes himself to the limit. Shelton has the ability; he just needs to be motivated.


WWE has allot of young talent and all they have to do is build them up and after the top guys step down they will be ready for the spot light. I'm sure I missed a few WWE guys, but let’s move on to TNA's young guns.




The Motor City Machine Guns- There is no reason these guys should not be the face of the tag division. They are both very talented and have great up sides and virtually no down sides at all.  I could see both of them as future main eventer, but I think TNA will have enough trouble trying to de-crowd its upper card and there is little room for the "Guns". Which is unfortunate to say the least. I see them becoming the fixture of the tag team division after the breakup of LAX (trust me people it will happen).

LAX- A split up is bound to happen. They had a good run. I see Hernandez getting main event push, but I think Homicide caries the team. Homicide is the one who takes all the punishment and then gets the hot tag to the big man who clears house then tags homicide back in to finish them off. I see one of them getting a big push and the other falling out of the spot light. How sad.

KAZ- Kaz is boring (to me). He is an okay wrestler, but his push is no more and TNA management must have lost faith in him. I'm trying to be unbiased here but, I mean look at this list. Kurt Angle, Sting, Christian, Kaz? Something doesn’t seem right there. I think TNA should have pushed somebody like Petey Williams who would have likely done something more with it. I suppose I can't blame the whole thing on Kaz. Vince Russo is off his freaking rocker, maybe he is to blame.

Petey Williams- One of TNA's brightest young stars. As with the rest of the young guys with potential in TNA they give Williams a stupid gimmick that no one will take seriously. Before the stupid "Petey Pump" thing He seemed to be rising t the upper mid card level where he was wowing everybody including management. TNA has to realize that just because we get behind a young star doesn’t mean we want them t turn into "Black Machismo" or "The Guru" or "Petey Pump" for that matter. Petey is TNA best bet for a future world champion. TNA better do good to hold on to him. WWE has a new found interest in small guys, and if TNA doesn’t do something big with Petey they will.


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