Glennon Most Likely To Be Named The Starter

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

There has been no official word from the team yet, but rumors have been floating around campus all day that Sean Glennon will be named the starter for the Virginia Tech Hokies and Tyrod Taylor will be redshirted.  

To me the only surprise here is the redshirt that could be placed on Taylor.  Beamer said earlier in the summer that he was thinking about it if Taylor didn't win the job outright.  From what I've seen, which was the spring game and a couple of scrimmages, Sean Glennon has been the better quarterback.  Glennon is just making more plays with his arm and has really matured mentally as a quarterback.  

Once again there has been no official word, but a couple of players have said this is going to happen.  Now I would have to believe if Taylor is indeed redshirted he would still in some ways be the backup to Glennon.  Taking nothing away from Cory Holt, but if Glennon were to go down with an injury for a couple of weeks I think the redshirt would be lifted.

Still no word on who the starting running back and wide receivers will be, but stay posted as the announcement could be made at any time.