Titanic Pickup: Randy Moss Claimed Off Waivers By the Tennessee Titans

Alan ParrishContributor INovember 3, 2010

Randy Moss, the newest Tennessee Titan
Randy Moss, the newest Tennessee TitanJim Rogash/Getty Images

It's official, Tennessee Titans fans: Randall Gene "Randy" Moss is now a Tennessee Titan.

Claimed off waivers by the Titans on Wednesday, the Titans gain a veteran receiver with a wealth of experience against key Titans opponents and one of the best pairs of hands in the league. 

As a synopsis of what has gone on in the past month with Moss, let's look at how he has changed hands, why he has changed hands and what path brought him to Tennessee.

Less than a month ago, Moss, then with the New England Patriots, expressed his feelings about feeling left out in New England. He spoke of not feeling part of the team, not part of special schemes and generally not needed or wanted in New England anymore. 

He requested a trade and the Patriots traded him to the Minnesota Vikings for a third-round draft pick. Moss lasted four games, berating caterers and, again, talking about feeling left out of the Vikings game plan. 

Vikings head coach Brad Childress quickly became fed up with his attitude, his lack of hustle, and his disdain for team policy toward the press, releasing him on November 1st.

The Titans were just about the only team to put a waiver claim in for the “troubled” receiver. The big question is: what contribution will Moss make for the Titans?

First of all, Moss is a tall, 6’4’’, receiver with good speed. He can easily outrun defenders and is at least a head taller than most.

With a large wingspan, Moss can catch just about any ball thrown his way.

The main issue is with his hustle and attitude. I feel like head coach Jeff Fisher can handle his attitude. He has learned quite a bit from the whole Pacman Jones issue. When Kenny Britt got into the bar fight a couple of weeks ago, he punished first and asked questions second.

That is how coaches need to treat players who have reputations for off-the-field issues.

While Britt didn’t necessarily have that, it is better to be proactive than reactive.  Fisher was reactive with Jones and it bit him in the behind. 

I think Moss will have a little adjustment time with the system in Tennessee, but will come to understand that Fisher is the sheriff in town, not Moss. This will be interesting. I can’t wait for next week!