Greatest Debuts In WWE History

Christy BarberContributor IINovember 3, 2010

Greatest Debuts In WWE History

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    After watching some old clips of The Rock in his pre-Rock stages, I decided to make a slideshow featuring the greatest WWE debuts of all time. The debuts on this list are judged by impact made, crowd reaction, and match/segment quality. All debuts on this list are based on my opinion. If anyone has suggestions please let me know in the comment section. 

No. 5 The Undertaker

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    In 1990, the legend known as The Undertaker was born. Announced as Kane "The Undertaker", Taker made his way through the ring as the crowd sat in a hushed silence. People could not believe what they were seeing. Even though Taker's debut match was quick; he showed great athleticism and delivered a perfect tombstone. The Undertaker went undefeated for a whole year and defeated the immortal Hulk Hogan to win his first WWE Championship. Since then The Undertaker has become one of the greatest legends in the wrestling history.

No. 4 Brock Lesnar

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    In May 2002 The Next Big Thing arrived. That man was none other than Brock Lesnar. During a hardcore match Lesnar came in the ring and annihilated everyone within a foot of him. Who can forget his insane consecutive power bombs to Spike Dudley, or that F5 to Maven. After his debut Lesnar became the fastest rising star in WWE history. 

    At Summerslam 2002 Lesnar defeated The Rock to win the WWE Undisputed Championship after being in the company for five months. Lesnar went on to become a three-time WWE Champion and the 2003 Royal Rumble winner. Even though he only stayed with the company for two years, Lesnar made the fastest impact among any rookie in WWE history.

No. 3 The Rock

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    At Survivor Series 1996; the most electrifying man in sports entertainment history made his debut. That man is The Rock. Debuting as Rocky Mavia; The Rock was the sole survivor in a four on four survivor series elimination match. The Rock received "Rocky" chants in his first WWE appearance; not many wrestlers can make that claim.

    The Rock became the lovable baby face and the "Blue Chipper" in the WWE. He quickly won the I.C. Championship in February from his future nemesis, Triple H. After a few months however; the fans grew tired of Rocky Mavia, thanks to SCSA's rising popularity.

    In 1997, Rocky Mavia turned heel and joined The Nation of Domination, and thus The Rock was born. The Rock went on to become one of the most popular wrestlers of all time and a seven-time WWE Champion. I think we owe a big thank you to all those fans that chanted "Rocky Sucks!" and "Die Rocky Die!"

No. 2 John Cena

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    On June 27, 2002 the current face of the WWE; John Cena made his debut. John came out to generic music and stated that "ruthless aggression" made him challenge Kurt Angle. In probably the greatest debut match of any rookie in the WWE; John Cena showed that he could hang with the very best in the business.

    The fans were in to this match and clearly wanted to see Cena win. After this match Cena went on to become the Dr. of Thuganomics and he possessed one of the most entertaining gimmicks in WWE history. John Cena has placed his name in WWE history as one of the most popular superstars and one of the most successful.

No. 1 Chris Jericho

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    This debut is simply EPIC! Chris Jericho set the bar for future debuts to come. He dared to interrupt The Rock and received the biggest pop for a debut. We all know that Chris Jericho became one of the most entertaining wrestlers of all time and certainly the most successful. Thanks for reading and watching and please comment.