The Top 5 Reasons the Calgary Flames Shouldn't Trade Robyn Regehr

LaToya WilsonContributor INovember 3, 2010

The Top 5 Reasons the Calgary Flames Shouldn't Trade Robyn Regehr

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    The Flames have certainly not been strangers to trade rumours in the past, and after the abysmal game against the Washington Capitals on October 30th, those rumours started to resurface.

    From Jarome Iginla to Cory Sarich to Curtis Glencross, few players have been left off the chopping block. Unfortunately, many seem to think that Robyn Regher is a prime candidate for trade. Regehr, a solid defenceman that has played his entire NHL career with the Flames, has been one of the few consistent players throughout multiple seasons. Though he has a no-trade clause, it appears as though he was possibly asked to waive it before the season started.

    Not only do I see this as concerning, I believe trading him would be a huge mistake, and here are the top five reasons why. 

5. His Loyalty Is With Calgary

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    There are very few players that one can associate with being the "face of the team." Player loyalty is few and far between, but Regehr has made it clear that he enjoys playing in Calgary. While yes, Jarome Iginla is the face of the Calgary Flames, Regehr is another player whose name is synonymous with the Flames.

    When it came to pending free agency back in 2007/08, Regehr was a hot commodity that could have easily weighed his multiple options. Instead, he opted to sign in June 2007, before he became a free agent, and chose to remain in Calgary until at least 2013. This, I respect.

4. Sidney Crosby Gave Him Props

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    When Sidney Crosby states that he "hates" to play against you, you take it as a compliment. Arguably that best player in the NHL today, Crosby himself is probably among to most difficult to face in the rink. However, Crosby sees Regehr as a formidable opponent, a difficult one to face, and as of right now, there are few compliments greater than that in the NHL.

3. Dion Phaneuf Is Now Busy Saving Toronto

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    Locker room tensions were at the centre of the story around the big Dion Phaneuf trade last season. This was unfortunately showing on the ice as well, and it appeared as though Regehr's play was being brought down with Phaneuf's.

    On January 18th, 2010, Regehr had what was probably the worst game of his career against San Jose in a dreadful and horrifying 9-1 loss. He and Phaneuf were clearly not playing well together and it wasn't too long after that Phaneuf was traded to play saviour in Toronto. What he took with him were his sloppy defensive plays, and I believe Regehr's game was elevated afterwards. Unfortunately for Phaneuf, it seems as though he's already being eaten alive in Toronto.

2. Regehr Is Rarely Out of Position

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    Many who advocate for a Regehr trade argue that his skating abilities are sub-par. Say what you will about his skating, this guy rarely gets beat. Yes, Regehr may not be the fastest skater, nor as smooth a skater as Jay Bouwmeester. However, the purpose of being a defenceman is to properly position yourself, and Regehr shows time and time again that he knows exactly how to do that.

    He's in your face, he's a hard hitter, and he's a smart player. All of these are vital in a defenceman, and I believe that because Regehr possesses all of these components, he's the best defenceman the Flames have, along with Mark Giordano.

1. Ales Hemsky Still Lives

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    My favourite thing about watching Calgary play Edmonton? Ales Hemsky. There are few things that a Flames fan can get more pleasure from than seeing Regehr absolutely smoke Ales Hemsky nearly every time the Flames meet with the Oilers.

    I don't know where it stems from, but Regehr seemed to make it his mission a long time ago to seek out and annihilate Hemsky whenever he saw fit. Most of the time, he's downright evil about it. In fact, I think Regehr has made "hemsky-ing" a new verb. If it became true that Regehr be traded to another team, especially to the Eastern Conference, Hemsky could equate this with winning the Cup, and us Flames fans would rather not give him the satisfaction.

    Ultimately, as the title states, Ales Hemsky still lives, and he still plays for the Oilers. Regehr has a lot of "hemsky-ing" left in him.