Kim Kardashian: 20 Jobs She Could Have In Sports

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistNovember 3, 2010

Kim Kardashian: 20 Jobs She Could Have In Sports

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    WAG extraordinaire Kim Kardashian in back in the news once again.

    This time, the reality TV star and serial NFL dater has been seen in the studio with producer The Dream, the mastermind behind Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and Rhianna's "Umbrella". 

    In an effort to protect your ears from yet another reality star/ terrible singer, here are 20 jobs Kim would be a perfect fit for in the sports world. 

20. Strength and Conditioning Coach

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    As you can see from this picture, Kim is an excellent strength coach, and can really help players gain muscle mass. 

19. Tennis Ball Girl

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    She'd be perfect for this! Remember when they had those models be ball-people at tennis matches in Spain a couple of years ago? 

    This would be like that, only permanent and much better. 

18. Water Girl

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    We could put an end to athletes dying of dehydration if Kim was the one giving them water.

17. Sideline Reporter

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    She'd be waaay better than Tony Siragusa, that's for sure. 

16. Reporter On Versus

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    If Jenn Sterger can do it...

15. Sideline Hostess

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    ...Why can't Kim? Just, keep her away from Brett Favre. 

14. Beer Vendor

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    Beer sales would be able to turn the Royals into the Yankees if Kim was the one doing the selling. 

13. Soccer Ref

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    She can't be much worse than what they've got, especially in the Premiership. Even if she's not, I'd bet no one would argue with her. 

12. Athletic Director, University Of North Carolina

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    North Carolina's football program is being investigated for potentially serious academic violations, along with charges of allowing players contact with agents. 

    I feel like Kim's powers of persuasion could get the NCAA to let the Tar Heels off with a warning.

11. Head Coach, Indianapolis Colts

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    What? Peyton Manning actually coaches that team, and it'd make the obligitory shots of the head coach all the more interesting. 

10. Public Relations Chair

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    Did your whole team just commit numerous felonies? Turn to Kim, she'll make sure that the press cover the incidents in a favorable light. She knows how to manipulate the media, and can be very persuasive. 

9. University Of Tennessee Hostess

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    To paraphrase Brent Musberger: "1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Tennessee". 

8. WWE Diva

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    She's pretty much got this one in the bag. She's built for it. All she needs is a little muscle mass, and we could be talking about one of the all-time great WWE Divas. 

7. Hockey Rink Girl

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    Kim is a logical choice here; she's got everything they look for in rink girls. 

6. NFL Cheerleader

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    Kim's a perfect NFL cheerleader. She loves football, dancing and dressing in revealing clothes. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. 

5. Major League Baseball Bat Girl

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    If Kim was a bat girl, pervy camera guys everywhere would have someone to focus on in the dugout. 

4. UFC Ring Girl

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    Kim was built to hold the cards. She even walks like you're supposed to walk, without being told to!

3. Pit Crew Spotter

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    She's already got the suit and everything!

2. NFL Spokesmodel

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    Kim knows more about NFL players than any other potential spokesmodel; after all, she's dated half of them. 

1. Beach Volleyball Player

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    Do you even have to ask? This is the perfect career move for Kim, a real win-win.