Countdown to Kickoff: Anticipation for the Upcoming College Football Season

Kody BrannonCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

Is it here yet?  No...

The calendar is ticking off day after day of no football.  But this week, the excitement starts to build as I realize that this weekend is the first full weekend of college football.  The night sweats started a month ago, and just hearing my school's fight song makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

I have gone through a seven-month withdrawal, and to say the least, I am craving and needing football more and more every day.

Like many men, the end of August and arrival of fall mean one thing: football!

To most women, it means they have to live with guys who do nothing but wake up at 7 am to watch four solid hours of pre-game coverage, and then watch 12 to 15 hours straight football—only to watch another two hours of post-game coverage, all the while only taking the five to 10-minute commercial breaks to tend to non-football-related business.

After spending the offseason replacing pillows and cushions, stocking up on the necessities, and making sure my sacred seat has enough stuffing to last another long season, I am finally ready to take my seat upon my throne and watch an endless array of college football.

But wait, something is missing.  I have the endless supply of beer, unlimited run on hot wings, countless bags of chips, and assorted dips.  I have ordered the Game Plan package, and I have every channel under the sun imaginable.  What is missing...?

What's missing is the football—I still have to wait for Thursday.  That is how cruel fate can be to a football junkie: an offseason of preparing and being ready, just to keep me waiting for another few days.

Here's hoping that ESPN Classic can sustain me until Thursday—because yes, football is my crack, and I am addicted worse than ever.