Randy Moss-Capades: 31 Potential Suitors for the Prima Dona Receiver

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer INovember 3, 2010

Moss is out of Minnesota for the second time.
Moss is out of Minnesota for the second time.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Randy Moss has been officially placed on waivers by the Minnesota Vikings, marking the second time in this still fairly young 2010 NFL season that an NFL team has said "no thanks" to the star receiver.

Moss has supposedly worn out his welcome in New England, and has definitely had all ties with Minnesota cut. So, now what?

Many people are moving right down the line of the teams waiting to have him drop to them on the waiver wire, guessing if the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, or Dallas Cowboys will bite on the once game-changing superstar.

And really, when you're talking about a huge distraction, both on the field (for opposing defenses) and off of it, that's all you can do. So, here's a quick glance at every team (except the Vikings) and seeing if Moss would actually make sense in another jersey in 2010.


New England Patriots

They're last on the waiver wire list as they have the league's best record, but many have predicted it's not completely unrealistic to imagine Moss falling all the way down to the Patriots at the 32nd spot. However, you had to wonder, would the Patriots really take him back?

Considering New England has done nothing but win football games since he left, the answer has to be no. Then again, maybe this was all part of a sick Bill Belichick plan, and Moss was just "taking one for the team" so the Patriots could steal a third round pick from the Vikings, who seem to be getting dumber by the day.

Why they do: Because Moss is still one of the biggest threats in the game, and the Patriots are quite possibly an unstoppable force with him in the lineup.

Why they don't: Because Moss is a huge distraction, and they don't need to rid of him twice.


Miami Dolphins

There has been much talk about Miami possibly snagging Moss and eating his contract, if only just to keep the Patriots from welcoming him back with slightly open arms. Maybe, and maybe not.

Why they do: Moss and Marshall has a nice ring to it, plus it'd be a mad block on the Patriots.

Why they don't: They already have Brandon Marshall. They don't need to risk it with two prima dona receivers.


New York Jets

Boy, what would Rex Ryan like more than to steal Randy Moss from the Patriots? Surely, there's no real proof that New England is hell-bent on getting their spurned child back, but regardless, Ryan has to be sweating whilst eating chicken over all of the possibilities that Moss brings to the table.

Why they do: It would kill the Patriots, and solidify the Jets pass attack as one of the league's most dangerous.

Why they don't: Adding Moss would just mess with their success.


Buffalo Bills

They're first on the list, so they have to get some consideration, right? No, not really. Even if they did pay the piper and bring him on, there isn't much Moss can do to help the Bills turn things around after an 0-7 start. It would be nothing more than a cheap move for more ticket sales.

Why they do: Ticket sales and/or to spurn Patriots/Jets/Dolphins.

Why they don't: Terrell Owens part deux.


Pittsburgh Steelers

I'm actually against the thinking that Moss even falls this far, but if he did, the Steelers (and I'm guessing Ben Roethlisberger) would have to think about it. Just imagine Mike Wallace or Hines Ward operating out of the slot, with Moss lined up outside. The rushing attack would be even more successful, and an already well balanced team would be that more dangerous.

Why they do: To expand their horizons and give them that extra offensive boost for a "super" run.

Why they don't: Moss is a cancer, and he doesn't play "Steeler" football.


Cleveland Browns

Mike Holmgren is running the show in Cleveland, and he knows exactly what Moss brings to the table after getting trounced by him in several meetings while coaching the Green Bay Packers. He also knows that, even if Moss is only there for a year, his presence could allow the rest of his offensive players progress into their roles.

Why they do: To aid a weak corps of quarterbacks and open up their offense.

Why they don't: Because half a season of Randy Moss on a losing teams doesn't equal good things.


Baltimore Ravens

I'm not understanding at all the logic of Moss to Baltimore...says the guy who doesn't get what the Ravens are truly lacking. Baltimore literally has three very good receivers; none of which are burners or huge play-makers. Moss brings that deep threat and constant red-zone target to the offense, and would round out an already 99% complete offense.

Why they do: Moss gives them the deep threat they've been craving.

Why they don't: The guys they got are still doing just fine without him.


Cincinnati Bengals

As sexy as MoToCho sounds as a new tv show, it just doesn't make much sense. Adding Terrell Owens to the Bengals dysfunctional family hasn't worked, so why would adding an already very much pissed off Moss?

Why they do: Because they're the Cincinnati Bengals.

Why they don't: They already have two receivers who could rival Moss's ability to stir up a locker room.


Indianapolis Colts

How awesome would it be if Peyton Manning's team landed Randy Moss after losing Dallas Clark and Austin Collie? Not sure about how "awesome" it'd be, especially when Brett Favre and the Vikings were staring into that same mirage just a few weeks ago. Sure, the potential for fantasy gold and a championship would be there, but Moss doesn't look like a Colt.

Why they do: Injuries at receiver, and because they could use a spark.

Why they don't: Because Peyton Manning could win games with four Blair White's.


Houston Texans

This is a franchise that was expected to make that final next step toward a playoff run, and really have been hanging by a thread this season in several weeks. Moss could bring a whole new world to their offense, and revive a passing attack that just isn't what it was in 2009, which could also help take some pressure off of a horrid defense.

Why they do: Because Andre Johnson could use the break.

Why they don't: Because Moss is southern, but he's not that southern.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Jack Del Rio would probably do just about anything to keep his job at this point, and fantasy owners are probably just as willing to throw caution to the wind when thinking about Mike Sims-Walker's inconsistency. Moss would add some real flavor to a passing attack that is deadly in flashes, and could really ease some pressure up off of Maurice Jones-Drew and the running game.

Why they do: Because Del Rio can feel the heat.

Why they don't: Because as crazy as it sounds, they (sometimes) look good enough to win their division.


Tennessee Titans

Kenny Britt just went down for an undisclosed amount of time, which puts the already average Tennessee pass offense up against a wall. Who is going to carry the load; Nate Washington and Justin Gage? Let's be real.

Why they do: Because injuries and mediocre talent leave them no choice.

Why they don't: Because they're a run-first offense, anyways.


Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are one of the biggest surprises of 2010, and have a strangle hold over the AFC East, which could surprisingly enough be fairly attractive to Moss. That would mean a likely playoff run, and maybe even a matchup with the Patriots again. Oh, wait, he kind of wants to play for them again, doesn't he?

Why they do: Name a Chiefs receiver not name Dwayne Bowe.

Why they don't: Todd Haley is just getting it right and doesn't want to mess with success.


Oakland Raiders

While I can't imagine Moss really wanting to return to Oakland, I also at the same time can't imagine Al Davis ruling it out. As unlikely as a reunion seems, we probably were saying the same thing about Moss returning to Minnesota five weeks ago.

Why they do: Because Al Davis is still alive.

Why they don't: Because their young talent is finally showing up.


Denver Broncos

Josh McDaniels is struggling mightily in his second season, so it'd be pretty interesting to see what a return to a McDaniels offense could do for both the Broncos and Moss. Kyle Orton isn't Tom Brady, but inserting Moss into the offense could give Denver a fighting chance at a late run at the division.

Why they do: Because McDaniels decides it's his only option.

Why they don't: Because the receiving corps in Denver isn't the problem.


San Diego Chargers

This could have been a real possibility before the trade deadline, but with Malcom Floyd getting healthy and Vincent Jackson set to report to the team by November 8th, this just doesn't make much sense. Besides, how awesome has Patrick Crayton been?

Why they do: Because A.J. Smith is in full panic mode.

Why they don't: Because they already have two major deep threats.


New York Giants

Eli Manning has been missing Plaxico Burress badly for some time. However, 2010 showed up with Hakeem Nicks scoring touchdowns and taking names. Now it seems Manning's need for a big target is a thing of the past.

Why they do: Adding Moss to their already explosive offense could be the final missing piece.

Why they don't: They look too good to risk it all with a potentially stupid acquisition.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Terrell Owens tar and feathering is finally starting to wear off, and now we're about to add another trouble maker at receiver? Not likely. Not when DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are making such big strides. Then again, if Mike Vick had a say...

Why they do: Because Vick begs for Moss to come to town.

Why they don't: Because they simply don't need him.


Washington Redskins

Mike Shanahan just benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman, and we all expect him to turn around and hand him a birthday present? Randy Moss may not be well wrapped, but he'd still change the way the passing game is run in Washington, that's for sure.

Why they do: It's Shanny's first year, and he's got nothing to lose. If it blows up, both players are gone in 2011.

Why they don't: I don't see a great reason to pass on him if you're Washington, actually. See above.


Dallas Cowboys

There has been some hot talk about "what's the next dumb move Jerry Jones can do?" and it's surrounded Moss lately. Yes, he's dumb, but he's not really this dumb.

Why they do: Because Jerry Jones is, in fact, this dumb.

Why they don't: They are absolutely stacked at receiver and their season is lost.


Green Bay Packers

Even if "no trade and free agency" Ted Thompson did want Moss, he couldn't get him. Moss vowed to never go to Green Bay after they refused to give up a fourth round pick for him several years ago. Green Bay's somewhat suffering passing attack could probably use him, but they still don't need him.

Why they do: To spurn Vikings and make up for the nagging injury to Donald Driver.

Why they don't: Because Moss wouldn't report, and Thompson is smarter than that.


Detroit Lions

Detroit isn't a great match due to record, but there's no arguing the fact that they could use some talent and help outside of Calvin Johnson.

Why they do: Because Matthew Stafford is already in a groove and Megatron could use some help.

Why they don't: Because they already have their big-play receiver.


Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler and the Bears are floundering in mediocrity. Who would have ever thought joining a pass-happy offensive coordinator with a quarterback who forces throws into triple coverage could be a bad idea? Well, that's what is happening, and when your receiving talent isn't elite, it can go from bad to worse very quickly.

Why they do: Because they don't have a single #1 NFL wide receiver.

Why they don't: At this point, not seeing why Bears coaching/management doesn't take a shot if they can.


New Orleans Saints

The reigning Super Bowl champs don't really need Moss. 

Why they do: A lapse of bad judgment.

Why they don't: Because they shouldn't.


Carolina Panthers

Carolina sits behind the Buffalo Bills, owning a shot at Moss if they so choose. Adding Moss could finally give Steve Smith the true help at receiver he's always wanted and needed. But really, this would be a case of too little, too late for Jon Fox and co.

Why they do: Panic move, and also helps Steve Smith.

Why they don't: Because the threat of Moss not showing up is real.


Atlanta Falcons

Would the team currently possessing arguably the top receiver in football (Roddy White) really discuss adding another supposedly elite receiver to the lineup? Maybe not, especially with a healthy Michael Jenkins in the fold.

Why they do: Moss completes and boosts an already very solid offense.

Why they don't: Mike Smith has his crew running smoothly enough already.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The young Josh Freeman is taking the league by storm with solid performances lined up after each other, as well as several clutch comeback wins. But what would adding Randy Moss to the mix mean for this young buc(k)?

Why they do: Moss gives an overachieving team a great deep threat and huge offensive boost.

Why they don't: Raheem Morris already thinks his team is the best in the NFC, so...


St. Louis Rams

The Rams are another team with a solid young passer (Sam Bradford), and they're also surprising a lot of people with a solid start to their season. But would adding Moss to a decimated receiving corps do more harm than good?

Why they do: Because Danny Amendola is in their starting lineup.

Why they don't: Because they don't want a prima dona receiver messing with Bradford's development.


Arizona Cardinals

Not even a full season after trading away Anquan Boldin, are the Cardinals seriously thinking about bringing on Moss? Probably not. Besides, the problem isn't at receiver in Arizona. It's at quarterback.

Why they do: Because they don't know what else to do.

Why they don't: Because they're fine at receiver.


San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers had an awful start to their 2010 season, but seemed to have picked up the pieces a bit, winning two out of their last three games. Would Mike Singletary risk the progress by adding Moss?

Why they do: Because Singletary is losing his grip on the team, anyways.

Why they don't: Because Singletary can't coach Moss. He can't. He won't. He won't do it.


Seattle Seahawks

The team that spent the majority of the off-season courting Brandon Marshall via talks with Denver, could now finally get their big-play guy by adding Moss.

Why they do: Because they could use him.

Why they don't: Because they want to develop their talent.


Overall, the teams that make the most sense are the Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, and yes, the New England Patriots. Of course, like all big player news, Moss is very likely going somewhere we never would have guessed. But logically, one of the four aforementioned teams makes the most sense to this writer.

For more NFL news and weekly fantasy football advice, head over to NFL Soup.


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