Arkansas Vs. South Carolina Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

Zachary D. RymerMLB Lead WriterNovember 2, 2010

Arkansas Vs. South Carolina Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

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    Arkansas Vs. South Carolina Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

    This week's showdown between the No. 18 Arkansas Razorbacks and the No. 19 South Carolina Gamecocks in Columbia has the potential to be epic, with Arkansas' Ryan Mallett squaring off against Steve Spurrier and Stephen Garcia.

    But while Arkansas will indeed be occupied with making life hard for South Carolina in the SEC East, the real attraction will be, as always, on the sidelines.

    That's right. Cheerleaders. You love them, I love them, we all love them. But especially me.

    Let's take a look at what each side has to offer, and see if we can't make a game of it.

Team Stats: Arkansas

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    Record: 6-2 (3-2)

    Toughest Opponent: Auburn

    Average Points Scored: 35.0

    Average Points Allowed: 22.3

Team Stats: South Carolina

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    Record: 6-2 (4-2)

    Toughest Opponent: Alabama

    Average Points Scored: 30.6

    Average Points Allowed: 19.5

Arkansas Quarterback: Ryan Mallet

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    Average Passing Yards: 316.6

    Touchdown Completions: 21

    Average Completion Percentage: 66.2

    Rushing Touchdowns: 3

South Carolina Quarterback: Stephen Garcia

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    Average Passing Yards: 238.0

    Touchdown Completions: 13

    Average Completion Percentage: 70.6

    Rushing Touchdowns: 4

Cheerleader Toughness: Arkansas

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    She looks like she doesn't mess around.

Cheerleader Toughness: South Carolina

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    She looks like she's spent some time in the gym.

Toughness Winners

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    Have to go with the game face on this one. It's legit.

Cheerleading Chops: Arkansas

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    How can you not dig this pyramid, which is well executed on so many levels?

Cheerleading Chops: South Carolina

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    This looks like something out of The Matrix. No foolin'.

Talent Winners

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    Close call, but the Gamecocks girls get extra points for not always needing help from the boys.

Out Of Uniform: Arkansas

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    These two deserve points for being in uniform while they're technically out of uniform.

Out of Uniform: South Carolina

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    Well she's not wearing her uniform anyway.

    Besides, who cares!?


Out Of Uniform Winners

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    They may be out of uniform, but they're not about to sacrifice school spirit.

    Big ups.

Meet an Arkansas Cheerleader: Kasey

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    Say hello to Kasey (on the right).

    Kasey was featured as Football Insider's Cheerleader of the Month.

    She's afraid of the dark and hates being alone. An invitation?

Meet a South Carolina Cheerleader: Brittany

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    Friends, this is Brittany.

    Brittany was a featured as a Cheerleader of the Week for Sports Illustrated.

    She loves Saved by the Bell, and her favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

Kasey Vs. Brittany

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    You really can't go wrong with Kasey or Brittany.

    But Kasey wins because she just sounds a lot cuter.

    Plus, the whole Dallas Cowboys thing would be a real sticking point with Brittany.

Hotness Factor: Arkansas

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    They have a kind of down to earth hotness factor, don't you think?

Hotness Factor: South Carolina

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    On the flipside, South Carolina girls look like they have nice laughs.

Hotness Winners

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    You have every right to be excited, my dear.

    You and your squad has just won a hotness contest!

So Who Has The Best Cheerleaders?

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    So how about it, football fan?

    Which one of these cheerleading squads is the apple of your well-trained eye?

Showdown Winners

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    Scott Halleran/Getty Images

    Arkansas' cheerleaders have a lot going for them, but South Carolina's get the nod.

    Disagree? Sue me.

Who Wins The Game

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    South Carolina may have the better cheerleaders, but Arkansas has the better football team. Fact.

    The Hogs will be called, and they will prevail.

    Prediction: Arkansas 42, South Carolina 30