Alabama vs. LSU Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

Bailey BrautiganFeatured ColumnistNovember 2, 2010

Alabama vs. LSU Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

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    Alabama vs. LSU Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

    The No. 6 Alabama Crimson Tide will take on the No. 10 LSU Tigers this Saturday in what is shaping up to be a classic SEC showdown.

    Both teams have only one loss this season, and they will be trying to catch up with the Auburn Tigers for the top of the SEC West.

    This is, without a doubt, a must-watch game of the weekend but not just for the football.

    I'm talking about cheerleaders here people!

    Let's take a look at the lovely ladies from both sides and name the winner of this week's Cheerleader Showdown!

Team Stats: Alabama

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    Record: 7-1

    Toughest Opponent: South Carolina

    Average Points Scored: 34.25

    Average Points Allowed: 12.5

Team Stats: LSU

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    Record: 7-1

    Toughest Opponent: Auburn

    Average Points Scored: 25.5

    Average Points Allowed: 15.6

Quarterback Alabama: Greg McElroy

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    Average Passing Yards: 222.6

    Touchdown Completions: 11

    Average Completion Percentage: 70.6 percent

    Rushing Touchdowns: 1

Quarterbacks LSU: Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee

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    Average Passing Yards: 133.88

    Touchdown Completions: 4

    Rushing Touchdowns: 5

    Average Completion Percentage: 63.76 percent

Cheerleader Toughness: Alabama

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    This Crimson Tide cheerleader is a great catch, and she proves that she can hold her own with the boys.

Cheerleader Toughness: LSU

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    These two LSU ladies have the whole "we're hot, and we know it" attitude working for them.

Toughness Winners

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    We took the bait and went with Alabama on this one.

Cheerleading Chops: Alabama

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    It's hard to ignore this Bama cheerleader'

Cheerleading Chops: LSU

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    You have to appreciate the team effort with the LSU cheerleaders.

    I know what you guys are thinking...

    "Why didn't I become a male cheerleader?"

Talent Winners

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    This was a close one, but the LSU girls win us over with their smiles!

    Come on! You know this is exactly the girl you want to bring home to mom.

Out of Uniform: Alabama

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    These Crimson Tide ladies bring it even when they're not all dressed up.

    Gotta love a girl who can rock it in just shorts and a t-shirt.

Out of Uniform: LSU

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    Well hello ladies!

    These LSU girls look more like Laker Girls than college cheerleaders.

Out of Uniform Winners

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    The LSU ladies win this one by a landslide!

Meet an Alabama Cheerleader: Jody

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    Meet Jody.

    Jody was featured as Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week.

    She majored in secondary math education at Bama, and her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.

Meet an LSU Cheerleader: Liza

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    Meet Liza.

    Liza was also featured as Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week.

    She was also an education major, and she absolutely loves Grey's Anatomy.

Jody vs. Liza

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    Both of these ladies seem like very nice girls, so this was tough decision.

    But I'm a Grey's girl myself, so I'm giving this one to Liza.

Hotness Factor: Alabama

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    The Crimson Tide cheerleaders are hot in a cute "Southern Bell" kind of way.

Hotness Factor: LSU

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    It could be the uniforms, but he LSU cheerleaders seem edgier than the ladies of Alabama.

Hotness Winners

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    This one wasn't much of a contest.

    You're welcome.

So Who Has the Best Cheerleaders?

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    It's a battle between the sweethearts of Alabama and the sultry Tigresses of LSU.

    So who wins the Cheerleader Showdown?

Showdown Winners

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    What can I say?

    Sex sells!

    The LSU cheerleaders are the winners of this week's showdown!

Who Wins the Game?

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    LSU might have the better cheerleaders, but do they have the better football team?

    Not a chance.

    The Alabama Crimson Tide will defeat the LSU Tigers on Saturday!

    Predicted Final Score: Alabama 31, LSU 24