College Football Week 10: The Ultimate Television Viewing Guide, Nov. 4-6

T.J. Mcaloon@@tjmcaloonContributorNovember 4, 2010

College Football Week 10: The Ultimate Television Viewing Guide, Nov. 4-6

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    Welcome back to another week of college football as we take a look at the games that are television this week!

    Can anyone guess what is being said between Oregon's head coach, Chip Kelly, and their mascot?

    Maybe something to the likes of,

    Duck: "Hey Chip can you please stop scoring touchdowns!" 

    Chip: "How about we use your head as one of our plays?" Or "On our next board we are just going to show a picture of you doing push-ups to let the opposing defense know we are going to score on this play and you cannot stop us."

    Really can anyone stop the Oregon Ducks machine that is their offense? USC's defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin, spent the majority of his coaching career in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and created one of the best defensives in the NFL. Hell that defense even won a Super Bowl with Brad freakin' Johnson as their quarterback! Even he could not stop this offense.

    Lastly, any offense that uses pictures to "dumb it down" so to say for his offense is awesome. It is more entertaining anyway to see a giant picture of Lee Corso or the Groundhog from Caddyshack; instead of seeing their quarterback stare at his wrist.

    This week we have a slew of great games to watch. Click through the slides to see if your team plays on cable this week and what time it will be on.

    Side note to all of you non-BCS fans; yes, I know Utah plays at TCU this week. Yes, I know it should be on ESPN, ABC, Versus or whatever. I go by what is listed at So before there are 50 comments about why Utah at TCU is not listed and why this is the worst article ever in the history of the Internet, well, now you know why.

    Thank you and happy reading!

Thursday, Nov. 4, 7:30 p.m. EDT: Georgia Tech at No. 22 Virginia Tech, ESPN

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    To start our television watching week we have two teams that this time last year were fighting for the right to play in the conference championship game. This year, not so much.

    Virginia Tech has rebounded nicely after starting out 0-2 this year. They turned around what could have been a awful season; after their loss at home against James Madison. Since that game, Va Tech has gone 6-0.

    Georgia Tech's season has not turned around the way of their counter part. After a loss at Kansas, the Yellow Jackets have not been able to find that winning formula that led them to an ACC championship last year.

Friday, Nov. 5, 8 p.m. EDT: UCF at Houston, ESPN 2

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    Friday night has a game between two division leaders in the Conference USA. We have East division leader UCF, coming into the game with an 6-2 record overall while going undefeated in four conference play.

    Houston came into the season as the favorites to win the conference, and quite possibly play in a BCS bowl game. They had one of the best quarterbacks in the NCAA in Casey Kennum. However, a season-ending shoulder injury during the UCLA game has killed any chances for Houston on any major levels.

    Houston has gone 3-2 since Kennum's injury.

Saturday, Nov. 6, Noon EDT: Illinois at Michigan, ESPN

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    Kicking off Saturday's games is a Big Ten thriller between two teams on different paths.

    On the up and rising path is the Fighting Illni of Illinois. Ron Zook has this team playing at a high level, winning three of their last four. Their last win coming last week against Purdue; blowing them out 44-13.

    Michigan was a team in the first half that had everyone thinking that they were a potential Big Ten sleeper for champion. They had people talking about their quarterback, Denard Robinson, for the Heisman as well.

    Then their Big Ten portion of their schedule started. Everything looked fine, as they steam rolled through Indiana. However, Rich Rod and Michigan cannot play IU every week. Since that game they have lost their last three games, giving up 30 or more points in each loss.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 3:30 p.m. EDT: Washington at No. 1 Oregon, ABC or ESPN2

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    Fun fact about the student who dresses as the Oregon Duck: he/she has done 2,136 push-ups through eight games this year. That is one jacked up mascot.

    Coming into this game you could make an argument that with Jake Locker Washington had a chance. Not a good chance, or a big chance, but a fighting chance.

    But Locker will not play as he is out with an injury.

    Keep on doing those push-ups, as it will be a long day for the Oregon Duck. Gamblers take the over and Oregon this week.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 3:30 p.m. EDT: No. 6 Alabama at No. 10 LSU, CBS

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    And we have come to our Game of the Week on television.

    Quick question to all of you SEC fans that read this slide show. Is it still a big deal that Alabama coach, Nick Saban, is coming back to Death Valley? And if LSU coach, Les Miles, pulls another "Les being Les" moment, does it make you, the LSU fan, hate Saban for leaving even more?

    Fun fact about coach Miles; he manages the game clock by forgetting it's even there.

    BAAAAA ZINGGGG! Thank you, thank you, be sure to tip your waitress on the way out.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 3:30 p.m. EDT: No. 7 Nebraska at Iowa State, ABC

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    The Nebraska tribute to the Big 12 North; rolls into Iowa State for the last time this week. What is Nebraska’s farewell to their counterparts in the Big 12? How about ripping off 300 yards on the ground from one person.

    Ouch, Missouri, ouch.

    Surely Iowa State can play a little bit better defense this week against NU this week, right? Iowa State did head into a tough place to play in Austin, Texas and defeated the defending Big 12 champion Texas two weeks ago.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 3:30 p.m. EDT: North Carolina at No. 24 Florida State, ABC

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    Florida State sure has some good looking fans, eh?

    Take solace in your hot fan base Florida State, as you, yes you, had a chance to lock up the ACC Atlantic division last week against North Carolina State. Yes, that NC State program that has won a total of ZERO ACC titles. And what did you do but shat the bed.

    For shame Florida State, for shame.

    North Carolina can clinch a bowl berth this week with a win. Heck, at 5-3 if they played in the Big East conference they would be leading the conference.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 3:30 p.m. EDT: Northwestern at Penn State, ABC or ESPN

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    Let us take a break from previewing games for a moment.

    Instead of getting a great game, potentially, between Utah and TCU, we get to watch two unranked Big Ten teams. Instead of watching two teams fight it out for a BCS berth, we get to watch these two teams fight to just make it to the "No One Cares Bowl." We get to watch a game that will screw some of the bettors because neither team wins by a large margin.

    Okay, soap box done, we are Penn State, and with a win this Saturday, Penn State coach, Joe Paterno, becomes the first NCAA Division-I coach to win 400 games.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 7 p.m. EDT: No. 18 Arkansas at No. 19 South Carolina, ESPN

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    South Carolina is a couple of plays away from being an 8-0 team and right there atop of the BCS standings.

    They had Auburn beaten when they played them in September. They had the win, until coach Steve Spurrier decided to take out their starting quarterback for a freshman in the fourth quarter.

    Then, after defeating the number one team in the country, and the defending BCS champion at home (Alabama) they blew a half time lead to un-ranked Kentucky on the road.

    If you are a fan of this school how are you not balding from pulling your hair out in frustration?

    Next week, win or lose, they have a chance to lock up the SEC East division. As they travel to the University of Florida to determine the winner of that division.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 7 p.m. EDT: Oregon State at UCLA, Versus

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    If there is one thing about UCLA they are at least consistent. They started the season losing two straight then went on to win their next three. Currently they are on a three-game losing streak.

    UCLA against Oregon State's in state rival Oregon lost 60-13.

    Oregon State, has had an alright season so far. 5-3 on the year and on the verge of making themselves bowl eligible, they have done nothing really wrong. There are only a couple of more weeks until the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 8 p.m. EDT: No. 12 Missouri at Texas Tech, ABC

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    Missouri last week, as stated in the Nebraska slide, gave up 300 yards rushing to one person. One person rushed for 300 yards against a defense that defeated the No. 1 team in the BCS the previous week.

    How does that happen?!?

    At least for the Missouri defense they do not have to worry about the Texas Tech running game, in that they do not have one. They will throw the ball on you for 60 minutes that is for sure, but running they try to stay away from that. 

    This year has to be a disappointment for the Tech followers. They had a new coach come in claiming to turn the school around for the better. However, in Tommy Tubberville's first year taking over for the successful Mike Leach, he has a 4-4 record; with an outside shot of making a bowl game.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 8 p.m. EDT: No. 15 Arizona at No. 13 Stanford, ABC

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    And our prime time game on ABC this week has two Pac 10 teams fighting out to be the No. 2 team to Oregon.

    Stanford has already had their shot at the Ducks this year. Andrew Luck led the Stanford offense to a big day, but it was not good enough to keep up with the Oregon offense. They would need a win here and Arizona to defeat Oregon to have a chance at the Pac 10 title.

    Arizona on the other hand has the better chance to win the Pac 10 coming out of this game. They are the only team in the conference that can control their outcome. A win here and it sets up the Oregon game in Oregon on Thanksgiving weekend.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 8 p.m. EDT: Texas at Kansas State, ESPN2

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    Oh, how the mighty has fallen for the Texas Longhorns. In fact this has not been the first time that the loser of the BCS Championship game has been horrible in the following year. Last year, Oklahoma had a sub-par season as they went 7-5 after losing to Florida in the title game.

    But seriously, WTF Texas, WTF.

    Kansas State has had an okay season through eight games. 5-3 overall and 2-3 in the Big 12. Kansas State though has been a tough place to play for Texas coach Mack Brown. This year it will not be a fluke upset victory though for K-State. This year if Texas wins it will be an upset instead of the other way around.

    Seriously Texas, WTF?

    Thank you once again for sitting through another week of the Ultimate Television Viewing Guide, for the college football Week 10. If you want more of my ranting or sports views please follow me on Twitter at See yeinz next week!