WWE: Sable Throws Her Hat Into the Ring To Face Undertaker at Wrestlemania

David ForrestContributor INovember 2, 2010

Sable, the holder of the 2nd Greatest Streak in Wrestlemania history.
Sable, the holder of the 2nd Greatest Streak in Wrestlemania history.

In the past few weeks, we've seen everyone from Goldberg to Sheamus via Kevin Nash and Wade Barrett touted as the Undertaker's next opponent at Wrestlemania. However, it seems that the closest successor to the Undertaker's streak has decided to formally announce their wish to create the ultimate Streak vs. Streak match.

It seems that Sable has challenged The Undertaker to a match where both combatants will put their streaks on the line.

On her official Twitter feed, Sable wrote "MCMAHON. TAKE NOTE. STREAK VS. STREAK AT WMXXVII. I WANT TAKER". Insiders believe that Sable has been tempted to offer McMahon this match after her husband, Brock Lesnar, suffered a bruised ego at a recent UFC event.

As many wrestling buffs will know, after the Undertaker, Sable holds the highly sought-after position of being unbeaten at Wrestlemania, having won a Mixed Tag Team match with her partner Marc Mero at Wrestlemania 14 against Luna and The Artist Formerly Known as The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, as well as a Women's Title match against Tori at Wrestlemania XV and a grueling Tag Team Dressing Gown match which Jerry "the King" Lawler described as "one for the ages."

However, while all the girls may want to see her be destroyed by the Undertaker, it seems that all the guys want to be the one facing the Deadman at Wrestlemania, with a raft of WCW stars being touted to face the Phenom.

In addition to names such as Goldberg, Sting and Kevin Nash, legendary WCW champion David Arquette was also reported to have said, after 14 bottles of beer, that he would be the one taking on the Phenom at Wrestlemania, stating that his experience with caged structures (after his bloody Triple Cage match at Slamboree 2000) led him to believe the two should face off in a Hell In A Cell match.

He also noted his previous experience in dealing with heartless, dark forces who could mercilessly destroy all you hold dear, thanks to his recently annulled marriage to Courtney Cox.

Esteemed tag team Kronik were said to be interested in a match with the Phenom in a bid to "settle old scores" from the WCW/ECW Invasion which were tragically left unanswered when Kronik left the company, citing "a lack of talent in the World Wrestling Federation to match the caliber of Kronik."

Also, at a recent fan event, Screamin' Norman Smiley was asked about the prospect of a match with the Undertaker, to which he yelped a piercing scream and hid underneath the signing desk.