David Garrard and Oakland Raiders Sparkle, Randy Moss Fizzles: NFL Direct Snaps

Dan PieroniCorrespondent INovember 2, 2010

David Garrard's career day spearked a Jaguars upset in Dallas.
David Garrard's career day spearked a Jaguars upset in Dallas.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There's certainly a lot of negative headlines that I could talk about this week.

But fair and balanced reporting is what I specialize in.

In other words, for every Randy Moss and Mike Shanahan story, there's a story about the rebirth of the Saints and the Raiders.

Yes, there's not much to report on from a positive standpoint as compared to a negative standpoint, but I shall do my best.

5 Things That Impressed Me About Week Eight

1. David Garrard

It's always nice to see a David beat a Goliath, even if the Goliath is in total shambles. This David slayed the Cowboys defense to the tune of four touchdown passes just two weeks after suffering a concussion.

What made it even sweeter though is that his boyhood idol Phil Simms was there to watch his performance in person. Suffice it to say, this should be a day David Garrard will never forget.

2. The Oakland Raiders

The defense sacked Matt Hasselbeck eight times, and the offense ran all over the Seahawks defense for 239 yards. They've also outscored their opponents 92-17 in the last two games.

What this means is that at 4-4, the Raiders are relevant again with a big game against the AFC West Division leading Chiefs coming up next week.

3. The Packers Defense

By holding the second best rushing tandem in the NFL to a season low of 76 yards, Clay Matthews and company forced Mark Sanchez to win the game with his arm,.He couldn't, completing only 42 percent of his throws in the Jets embarrassing offensive effort that resulted in a 9-0 home loss.

In beating the Vikings and Jets back-to-back, Green Bay starting to look like the team to beat in the NFC North.

4. The Saints Defense

The tone was set early with an impressive goal-line stand on the Steelers first possession. From there, Leigh Torrence took over, holding the speedy Mike Wallace to only three catches and recording an interception to clinch a Saints win.

5. Tom Brady

It may have been hard to believe, perhaps even unfathomable, to think the Patriots would have the best record in the NFL four weeks after dumping Randy Moss. Strange things happen though and the reason that the Patriots have the NFL's best record is because of Tom Brady's 65 percent completion rate and his ability to get young targets like Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Tate to impact the game.

5 Things That Depressed Me About Week 8

1 Randy Moss

What can I say that hasn't been said already. The guy only has one catch on Sunday, then he tells the media that in order to comply with league rules regarding cooperating with the media to avoid a $25,000 fine, he'll be interviewing himself for the rest of the season.

Needless to say, Randy Moss has caused more pain than a migraine headache to both of his teams this year, and I can't say that I'm surprised the Vikings waived him.

And if he's serious about doing self-interviews for the rest of the season, the least he can do his disguise his voice and carry around a hand puppet to interview him so that the entire spectacle won't be as humiliating to both his ego and the media members who have to sit through it.

2. The Dallas Cowboys

Once again the Cowboys were pushed over by an inferior team at home personified by a defense that mailed their effort in, and a lackluster offensive effort personified by a over-the hill quarterback throwing four interceptions.

And once again, there was postgame statement from Jerry Jones expressing his disappointment in his team's performance and his willingness to do something about it.

To every football fan with a conscience the answer is clear.

Wade Phillips must go.

3. Mike Shanahan

Once upon a time there was a veteran NFL coach who traded for a veteran NFL quarterback that he felt could inject some life into his team.

But the coach had his misgivings about the quarterback being able to run the two-minute offense and benched him for a journeyman one Sunday afternoon in Detroit.

The journeyman fumbled, the Lions got a touchdown, and the coach's fanbase wanted answers.

Yesterday, the coach told the media that the quarterback had a bum hamstring and that's why he was pulled out of the game.

Had Mike Shanahan been honest about why Donovan McNabb was pulled, perhaps this wouldn't be a big deal, but he chose to change his tune just like many of the politicians down the street from him do.

If Shanahan had any doubts about McNabb, he should have left him in Philadelphia.

But now it appears, that there has been a breach of trust between the two in that McNabb can't be trusted in a two minute offense, and Shanahan can't be trusted to get his story straight as to why he chose to bench his quarterback.

  This could be an even uglier situation, because according to ESPN, the Redskins have brought in JaMarcus Russell for a workout

What does that say about McNabb abilities now?

4. The Buffalo Bills

Just when you thought the Bills would break into the win column Ryan Fitzpatrick blows a chance for a game-winning touchdown by throwing a pick to the Chiefs Eric Berry.

Then, in overtime, the normally consistent Rian Lindell misses a field goal, and the Bills end up losing.

Things like that tend to happen when you're 0-7.

5. Thom Brennerman and Troy Aikman

I understand that Fox is the NFC rights holder for broadcast and that they tend to favor NFC players and teams over AFC ones

But I cannot forgive Thom Brennerman and Troy Aikman for going out of their way to wish Brett Favre a speedy recovery from a lacerated chin while completely overlooking the gritty effort set forth by the Patriots in the final seconds of Sunday's game.

The media's love affair with Favre has to stop. It's come to point where he takes precedent over everything in the NFL no matter how trivial the news is.

Why don't they send him a get well card and some chocolates while they're at it.

Idle Thoughts

1. Congratulations to the Giants on winning their first World Series since 1954. The people of San Francisco has been rewarded for their loyalty, and deserve this as much as the player do. That includes anyone still living in New York who remained loyal to them in the years since the team moved.

2. I also commend the people of Texas who applauded the Giants and gave their Rangers a standing ovation for a great season. Those are the marks of a true sports fan.

3. ESPN reported last week that a Miami bar was willing to pay up to 25 dollar tab for every patron in the place if the Heat lost to the Celtics last Tuesday night. I only wish i was there.

4. Likewise in the weird news department: A certain basketball player tweeted that a man dressed in drag known as "Shaquita" will be riding the Massachusetts T someday soon. I would think that he'd be on his way to the psych ward at Massachusetts General Hospital.

5. After handing candy the other night, I think we should pass a new law in this country. If you have facial hair and have gone through puberty, you shouldn't be allowed to go trick-or-treating.

6. If you consider yourself a degenerate gambler and are itching to put a bet on anything, allow me to give you some advice. Wheel of Fortune announcer Charlie O'Donnell sadly passed away Sunday night. I would put my money on former Price Is Right announcer Rich Fields replacing him.

7. Speaking of advice, since today is election day, I urge you to exercise your right to vote. After all, we live in a democracy and you can make a difference.


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