Best of 2007: Boise State Stunner

Jeff GallowayCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2007

Icon4th and 18 with 18 seconds left.

It was all but over for Boise State.

After dominating the majority of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, they had let it all get away in the 4th quarter.

Oklahoma had marched down the field to score the game tying touchdown with under 2 minutes left.

On the ensuing possession, Jared Zabransky had thrown up a lame duck for a pick six the other way.

The cinderella story of the college football season had run out of miracles.

Then Boise State coach Chris Petersen showed his genius.

One hook and ladder, one wide receiver pass, and one statue of liberty play later, the Boise State Broncos were the 2007 Fiesta Bowl Champions, and the "mid major" tag had been unoffically removed.
No longer would lower level FBS teams have to deal with the assumption that they couldn't compete with BCS conference teams.
The WAC champions had beaten the Big 12 champions on a neutral field and the college football world was changed forever.
We already see the aftermath of this game less than a year later.
The Hawaii Warriors, who at 12-0 played only one top 25 team all season, not only got a
Icon BCS bid, but were also getting votes to play for the national championship. 
Five years ago, anyone suggesting this scenario would have been laughed at. Now it was almost the other way around.
Fans and analysts throughout the country think it absurd that the lone undefeated team can't get a title shot.
That is what a memorable moment is all about.
It not only causes you to drop your jaw and discuss the plays for years to come, but it has the potential to change the face of the sport.
That is exactly what Boise State's victory did for college football.