Wade Phillips: 15 Most Crucial Mistakes That Will Lead to His Firing in Dallas

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer INovember 2, 2010

Wade Phillips: 15 Most Crucial Mistakes That Will Lead to His Firing in Dallas

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    Wade Phillips has been in a bad place for the last few years. His job has been in jeopardy since the day he took it.

    Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones, and the fans, expect greatness from this team and, apparently so do former players and coaches. Even they have been critical of this 1-6 team that has stunk up the field all season long.

    But what were the most crucial mistakes that Wade Phillips made that will eventually cost him his job?

    There's belief among a lot of NFL people that Jones won't fire Phillips before this season is out because of the collective bargaining agreement that may send the players out on strike after the 2010 season.

    But there are also more people that believe that they should fire Wade and allow Jason Garrett to take over the team for at least the rest of the season. It's not like it can get any worse at this point.

No. 15: Taking the Job in the First Place

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    We knew Wade Phillips taking this job came with a ton of controversy and a ton of second guessers.

    He followed Bill Parcells and he wasn't a guy that a lot of people wanted and now those same people are saying, "see, I told you so."

No. 14: Not Stopping Pass Call Against Washington Redskins

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    Cowboy fans remember during the first game of the year a play call that never should have been called.

    Instead of taking a knee and running out the clock in the first half, Tony Romo threw a pass to Tashard Choice who ended up fumbling and getting it taken back for a Redskins touchdown.

    Wade admitted after the game that he never should have let Jason Garrett make that play call.

No. 13: Putting an Injured Terrance Newman on the Field

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    Another moment that Wade Phillips admitted afterwards he shouldn't have done. Phillips played cornerback Terence Newman who had injured his ribs that week before against the New York Giants.

    Newman didn't do their defense any good, giving up four touchdowns to Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard.

No. 12: Lack of Discipline

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    Penalties, mistakes, being unprepared.

    All things that a head coach needs to take on his shoulders. For whatever reason, Wade continues to think this is a good team.

    I think he was talking about the Rangers though.

No. 11: Defensive Problems

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    Wade Phillips trying to take on the defensive coordinator duties as well as being the head coach has proved too much for him.

No. 10: Lack of Control

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    The lack of control as far as player personnel and not being able to have a say about what players he has was probably the first mistake.

    Wade has no control over what happens off the field.

No. 9: Lost Players Respect

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    Wade has lost control of his players and he's lost the ability to get them going for any given game.

    That is huge for a head coach.

No. 8: Untrusting of His Run Game

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    Say what you want about Jason Garret and his play calling, but when Wade admits that he can override any call Jason makes, being untrusting of his running backs and the run game has made this team one- dimensional on offense.

No. 7: Continues to Believe There's Something There

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    No matter the losses, Wade Phillips continue to say he sees something in this team that the rest of us don't.

    I know he's trying to be politically correct, but fooling himself isn't going to help.

No. 6: Same Things Continue to Happen

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    No matter how many times Wade is asked by the media about the same things week in and week out, he can't find a fix with this team.

    The defense is getting beat, the offense is turning the ball over and it's the same story every week.

No. 5: Can't Get the Team to Play Together

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    The defense seems lost, the offense isn't any better with Tony Romo than without him and it seems Wade can't get the team to play as a single unit from one week to the next.

No. 4: Lack of Accountability

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    The one main complaint that I hear the most from fans that call into the radio shows or the ones I talk to is the fact that there seems to be a lack of accountability with the players.

    While coaches will say that the players need to hold themselves accountable, it's the head coaches' job to put the hammer down when things aren't going right.

    We don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but when things aren't changing, you have to wonder if there's any accountability at all with the players on the field.

No. 3: Lapses in Focus During the Game

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    Terence Newman, twice, has told the media that the players have a lapse in focus not only in practice, but during the games as well.

    While it may go along with losing the players, Wade has to know when his players aren't focusing and he needs to find a way to reel them back in. Otherwise, it might seem like he doesn't care enough to try.

No. 2: One Playoff Win

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    Owner Jerry Jones expects success on the field. His team has one playoff win to show for what he's put on the field.

    That will get anyone fired.

No. 1: Lack of a Super Bowl

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    Jerry Jones wants the Lombardi Trophy back in Dallas but it's been 15 years since that's happened. Whether it's Wade Phillips or anyone else, Jones won't accept that.