Minnesota Vikings: Stop Bashing Randy Moss, Bash Favre and Childress

Danny ThompsonContributor INovember 1, 2010

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 31:  Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings interacts with teammate Randy Moss #84 before a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on October 31, 2010 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

No, I don't work for CBS or ABC, the powers that be, who dictate everything sports in this country.

And because I'm not on one of the conglomerate's payroll, I'm going to write and say something that the media giants never would.

That something is: There is nothing wrong with Randy Moss; and the recent report claiming that the Vikings have released one of the best wide receivers of the last decade is more of an indictment of Brad Childress than Moss being a bad guy, or a bad teammate.

In regards to Moss blackballing the media, I say: Good for him!

I'm pretty sure the $25,000 Moss was fined for not speaking to the same media that got him ran out of town half a decade ago was for dodging Brett Favre questions or a Brad Childress indictment, which the media would have spun to some how link Moss to the Vikings woes instead of late-game Favre interceptions.

The four-letter establishment which routinely gives Brett Favre a pass for being a bad guy, (i.e. breaking news text messages from a married man to another woman with sexual subject matter that happened years ago).

The same sports media who routinely uses words like "warrior" and "legend" when referring to a player who is allowed to skip meetings and practices whenever and however he chooses.

That same establishment now would like to take shot after shot at a player whose been the best at his position since arriving in the NFL in '90s, instead of inditing a specific duo responsible for turning the Vikings from NFC title runner-ups to a laughing stock.

That dynamic duo being Brett Favre and Brad Childress.

It was Brad Childress who laid the foundation, Favre is more important than the Vikings.

It was Favre who has made a mockery of what was supposed to be the greatest team game given to mankind.

But yet, it's Moss whose labeled the bad teammate, while on the contrary, YouTube video shows Moss leading his former Patriot teammates in a post-game celebration the same day as the infamous contract rant, which is aired routinely these days on the four-letter conglomerate's list of networks.

This so-called Randy Moss rant, has reestablished a negative image for a guy in Moss who really was asking to stay with a team, who doesn't want to pay him, for this perceived notion that at a certain age a player passes their prime.

When Favre did basically the same thing in the Aaron Rodgers situation, he was never labeled a distraction or a bad teammate.

As a fan I don't know how the Moss situation will play out. But what I do know is Moss is getting a bad wrap.

The man is human, how would you feel if you were traded from the best-managed franchise in the NFL to the Childress and Favre show...and as soon as you get there it's apparent: Favre is no better, at this point, than the quarterbacks you played with in Oakland?

And when asked to comment on the circus, you decline and get fined $25,000 dollars for not talking to the same clowns who now have had you run out of two cities in two months.

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to talk to clowns either. Moss is one of the greatest players ever and I have yet to hear a complaint from a Moss teammate, can we say the same about Favre and Childress?

What we should really be asking ourselves, did these so-called Favre text messages to a female Jets employee, lead to the Jets demise two years ago, ironically the same way the Vikings find themselves free-falling in 2010?