Should Joe Paterno Be Forced to Retire? Penn State 2010

Jim JonesContributor IIIMarch 21, 2017

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Joe MUST go! What, wait. Heck NO, Joe must stay! The man is a living legend, after all! A look at both sides of the debate:

Let me start by saying that I'm not arguing that JoePa should or should not retire.  I am asking the question, because I am personally on the fence.

It would be great for you, the reader, to share your opinions in the comment section. Also, this article only deals with whether or not JoePa should be forced into retirement like Bowden last season.


No, JoePa Should Stay.

I mean, come on! Its Joe Pa for freak's sake. How do you force a living legend into retirement?

Yes he is 83, and sure he seems a little bit less active than in years past, but its Joe Pa!

And who the heck was Penn State before JoePa put them on the map? They were a good team, but now they are a JoePa-good team.

He is the winning-est coach in history, and he has been through tough times before, only to pull the team out in the end. Who are we to doubt his ability to do it again?

Most people outside of Happy Valley knew this wasn't going to be the best of seasons; this is simply one of those rebuilding years that every team must go through from time to time. Just look at Florida and Texas! JoePa is doing as well in as bad of a situation as both Urban Meyer and Mack Brown despite being almost as old as the both of them put together!


Yes, JoePa Should Go

I mean come on! Its Joe Pa! The guy is ancient and he seems to be losing his grip on the Penn State program. He won't even wear a head set, how the heck is he supposed to control a team he can't even communicate with? And when is the last time he left the Happy Valley to go recruit?

Let's not forget, it is a program and has always meant more then one person; even Joe Pa knows that. JoePa deserves every honor around, and if possible he should be encouraged to step down without a big hoopla, but there is no way he will be able to turn this program around.

Just look at his recruiting! Somehow Penn State has one of the worst recruiting ranks in the Big Ten. How the heck are the Nittany Lions supposed to compete? Perhaps if Penn State knew what their next step is, they could give JoePa another year, but we have to start thinking about the program, and we have to start thinking about it now before it's too late.


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