Minnesota Vikings: The Most Underachieving Football Team Not Named the Cowboys

In Simmons' FootstepsContributor INovember 1, 2010

Brad Childress announces the waiving of Randy Moss
Brad Childress announces the waiving of Randy Moss

Three of ESPN.com's ten sidebar headlines had something to do with the Minnesota Vikings:

  1. "Vikings will waive outspoken WR Moss"
  2. "Day after taking hit to chin, Favre says he's OK"
  3. "Brad Childress abruptly waives Moss"

Yes, I, too, notice ESPN's redundancy in numbers 1 and 3.

First off...ESPN, are you kidding me?  The San Francisco Giants are now one game away from ending the third-longest World Series drought in baseball.  A Notre Dame student is remembered after a tragic fall from a video tower.  THE RAMS HAVE WON FOUR GAMES THIS SEASON!!!!  And yet, your top headlines still focus on less important football news.  Just another reason why I am progressively losing respect for the Worldwide Sports network.

Secondly, I was not surprised to see either of these headlines.  When the Minnesota Vikings decided to bring in a controversial (but nonetheless talented) Randy Moss, they should have known what they were investing in.  Time to switch from sports columnist to sports reporter for a second:

The Vikings placed Moss on waivers Monday afternoon.  The move comes a day after Moss told the media he refuses to talk to them the remainder of the season. 

Let's forget Moss for a second. 

Brad Childress.  Did you not see this coming?  Did you really think Randy Moss wouldn't create some kind of news in Minnesota?  You're smarter than that.  You also did not handle this well.  You've now waived your second-best receiver after just four games with him.  What Randy Moss did was out of line (I consider myself a member of the media...How dare you Mr. Moss!  How dare you!), but you don't just place him on waivers.  I'm not saying give the guy another chance; he's had a number of chances.  I'm saying you need to suck it up, Brad Childress. 

Back to Moss: How dare you!!!!!

Changing gears yet again...

Brett Favre managed to suffer his 358th injury of the season yesterday when his chin was cut open in Sunday's loss to the New England Patriots.  I'm starting to believe that the NFL is paying Brett Favre to fake injuries (ketchup packets, anyone?).  Think about it.  At the end of the season, VH1 purchases the rights to a reality show portraying the struggles of Brett Favre trying to keep his consecutive-start streak alive.  The title is still in the making, but one thing is for sure: Fantasia For Real is about to be replaced.

Just like every other sports fan on the planet, I'm tired of Brett Favre.  If Brad Childress wants to make bold moves, let's see him sit Favre.  (This would be the season finale, Brett breaking down with tears and all). 

Overall, these kinds of things have destroyed the Vikings' season.  It started with Favre debating, again, whether or not he'll play again.  Progresses to Favre injuries.  Then the Vikings acquire Moss.  More Favre injuries.  Minny releases Moss.  How could anyone stay focused in that locker room?  To be honest, if I were a Viking, I would want out ASAP.  The team is going under fast.  (Note: Props to Adrian Peterson.  Peterson has managed to lead the NFL in rushing yards despite all this negativity surrounding the team).

If I were Brad Childress, I'd sit Brett Favre this week.  Let him get healthy.  Plus, why not give Tavaris Jackson a shot?  He's extremely athletic and has continued to get better year after year.  At 2-5, it's worth a shot.

I call the Vikings the Most Underachieving Team in Football Not Named the Cowboys because, well, that's what they are.  They've got a load of talent.  They were expected to run away with the NFC North.  Instead, they're 2-5 and just got rid of the second-best receiver on the 21st-best passing team in the league.  Call me crazy, but things don't look good for the Vikings.