Bonehead Benching Move By Shanahan Costs Washington Redskins Win Vs. Lions

Josh DelpContributor INovember 1, 2010

So, if you haven’t already heard by now, the Redskins lost to the Lions 37-25 on Sunday. And the thing that caused it? Well, credit that to their coach.

Mike Shanahan decided to yank Donovan McNabb from the game, down six points with 1:50 left in the fourth quarter.

Rex Grossman, yes, the Rex Grossman, or Sexy Rexy, as some affectionately call him, entered the game. And the unthinkable happened! But not really. Grossman fumbled on his first snap as he got drilled on a blindside sack, courtesy of Ndamukong Suh, who proceeded to pick up the ball and return it for a touchdown.

Redskins guard Kory Lichtensteiger is absolutely hysterical in his response to McNabb’s absence on the field.

“We were kind of questioning what was going on," he said. "But that’s not our job, to figure out what the coaches were thinking.”

Yes, Mr. Lichtensteiger (wicked awesome last name by the way), that isn’t your job to figure out what your coach is thinking. Leave that to the rest of us. Still, I don’t know what he was thinking either. Does anyone? If you do, please tell me.

Shanahan’s brilliant justification was because of the complexities of the two-minute offense. He didn’t feel McNabb was competent enough in that facet of their offense. Wait, but Grossman is? Didn’t you get McNabb to address the quarterback problem on this team? There has to be a better explanation!

McNabb isn’t a newbie to the game of football. He’s been studying the Redskins offense for seven months now, ever since he was traded.

So what’s the problem Shanahan? Is your system too complex for him? Are your coaches just poor teachers? Why sit him in the crucial minutes of a game when he’s been playing throughout the entire game? And I thought Brad Childress’ coaching decisions were dumb…

McNabb has had issues in the two-minute offense before, as evidenced by the lackadaisical approach he took in the Super Bowl against the Patriots with the Eagles trailing in the waning minutes. Even so, I think one could make the case that Grossman is not much better.

I know a lot of Redskins fans are calling for McNabb’s head right now, but he is the team’s best shot at quarterback. Where would they be with yet another year of Jason Campbell or Bears castoff Grossman?

Look on the bright side. The team is 4-4, good enough for a tick behind the second-place spot in the NFC East.

Shanahan’s benching of McNabb proved that he doesn’t have full trust in the quarterback he traded to get. So what now, Shanahan? Are you going to put Grossman in the game on every two-minute drive with the game on the line? What’s the plan?

We, as sane people, would love to know.