Randy Moss Gone! Minnesota Vikings Waive Randy Moss, Childress Next?

Dennis ShayContributor INovember 1, 2010

RandyJim Rogash/Getty Images

I am not kidding! Randy Moss has been waived by the Minnesota Vikings, according to ESPN.

Randy was fined $25,000 this past week for not talking to the media. He commented after the game yesterday that he would not be talking to the media the rest of the season. Randy being Randy.

The comments that likely cost Moss his job were directed towards the Vikings coaching staff in the post-game press conference. He was disappointed that the staff did not heed his advice/game plan for how to beat the Patriots. Randy being Randy once again.

Moss also commented on his love for the Patriots, which also may have contributed to his unemployment. Randy went on and on about how he missed everyone in the Patriot locker room and that Patriot Coach Belichek was God. I am sure that Childress loved that. Hey, guess what? It's Randy being Randy.

Moss is now on waivers and the first team to get a chance to sign him is the worst team in the league, the Bills. I hope they do pick up Randy, just so I can see him crying to the media that he misses the Vikings.  No one wants to be a Bill right now.

Bye Randy! We will still miss you!

P.S. Can Childress please get fired next?