NFL Week 8: McFadden, McNabb and Dallas' Last-Minute Trick and Treats

Gladys Louise TylerContributor INovember 1, 2010

Darren McFadden treating the Raiders fans
Darren McFadden treating the Raiders fansEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Who knew that Halloween would bring the NFL such delicious tricks and treats?

Treat: Darren McFadden is a stud!  Last week versus the Broncos wasn’t a trick.  Against Seattle McFadden ran 21 times for 111 yards…and he looked good…one could say studly.  For eight weeks into the season he is averaging 5.51 yards per carry with four touchdowns. 

Trick: Rex Grossman has a better understanding of the two-minute drill than Donovan McNabb.  Rex Grossman, whose career stats include 33 touchdowns and 36 interceptions, Rex Grossman who admitted he doesn’t study hard enough…Rex Grossman was put in for six-time Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb.   No trick, his coach benches a six-time Pro Bowler, captain of the team and proclaimed starter for Rex Grossman in the waning minutes of the game. Now, Donovan wasn’t exactly tearing it up, but it’s hard to fathom Rex Grossman coming in cold, not practicing with first team and giving the team a "better chance to win."

Treat: Frank Gore can’t say anything else.  Even the Brits knew he was going to get the ball and he amasses 118 yards and a TD on 29 rushes. 

Trick: David Garrard 260 yards with 4 touchdowns…the Jaguars had 149 yards rushing –Cowboys had 50 yards rushing.  Jon Kitna 379 yards with 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions.  So what’s the trick…Dallas is 0-4 at home…wait is that a trick or a treat?  Three of those interceptions were on the wide receivers, Dallas’ defense couldn’t stop the rush or the pass it’s a complete trick that asked us to believe this team would be the first to play a Superbowl  on their home turf!