Donovan McNabb: Who Will Trust Him in 2011?

Ben HaasContributor INovember 1, 2010

Donovan McNabb: Who Will Trust Him in 2011?

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    With the benching of Donovan McNabb in the 4th quarter of a winnable game against the Detroit Lions, Mike Shanahan sent a message.  He sent a message to Redskin's fans, players, and most importantly, Donovan McNabb.  

    The message is loud and clear: Donovan McNabb will not be a Redskin next season.  

    The Redskins have had plenty of time to lock up their quarterback with a long-term deal.  Donovan has had plenty of time in Washington to have his agent negotiate a long-term deal.  

    Here we are in November and Mike Shanahan is pulling Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman?  Because he knows the 2-minute offense better than McNabb?  Because he gives the Redskins a better chance to win against the Detroit Lions?  

    Mike Shanahan wants to put his stamp on the Redskin's organization.  He believes that he is a genius amongst neophytes in this little game we all call the NFL and there is no doubt that he would like to groom the next savior of Washington, DC.  

    Mike Shanahan has announced this to whomever was paying attention today.  And for those that weren't, we are sure to hear it over and over on the four letter network.  So, let's channel our crystal ball, or at the very least give the magic 8-ball a shake or two, and see what the prophecy says in regards to where Donovan will call home next year.

The Washington Redskins

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    While it is a possibility that he remains a Redskin, the chances at this point are very unlikely.  Although Daniel Snyder throws cash around to older star players, he seems to be taking advice from Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan this time around.  

    Snyder can probably offer McNabb the most lucrative contract of his potential suitors, but in the end, this will be a one and done year for McNabb as a Redskin, which makes the trade with the Eagles look worse and worse.  

The San Francisco 49ers

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    This will likely be the last year in San Francisco for both Mike Singletary and Alex Smith.  The 49ers have a talented team and could look to add a veteran quarterback to help lead them to a division title in the weak NFC West.  

    Although the 49ers would likely covet someone with McNabb's credentials, he is unlikely to view this destination as a good fit.  The team will most likely go through a semi-rebuilding period and McNabb will want to sign with a contender for what is likely to be his last NFL contract.

The Arizona Cardinals

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    Donovan McNabb makes his home outside of Phoenix during the off-season.  The Cardinals are in desperate need of a quarterback, who doesn't make egregious errors throwing passes late in the game to people wearing the other team's jerseys.  McNabb has one of the best TD/Int ratios in the game.

    This is a potential match made in heaven.  The Cardinals rode a similar situation all the way to the Super Bowl just a couple years ago with what was thought to be an old has-been in Kurt Warner.  

    The Cardinals boast one of the league's best wide receivers and play in the weakest division in the NFC. A pairing with McNabb would mean an almost certain playoff berth for a franchise looking to add momentum to a turnaround begun just a few years ago.  Donovan can take the reigns for the next few years, invigorate the fan base, and allow Coach Whisenhunt to groom a young quarterback for the job in the future.

    This is a winning formula for the Cardinals and Donovan McNabb!

The Minnesota Vikings

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    Brett Favre?  Retire?  Well, he certainly may be wishing that he didn't come back for the 2010 season after a 2-5 start and some off-the-field issues.  

    If Brad Childress manages to retain his job this next year (which is a BIG if), the Vikings are likely to turn to another veteran quarterback to lead their team.  

    Enter Donovan McNabb.  Donovan played under Childress in Philadelphia and would, presumably, be able to learn the offense fairly quickly.  The Vikings have proven that they are potential contenders when healthy.

    Donovan would be able to hand off to one of the league's best running backs.  He would also have the best trio of wide receivers in his career in Moss, Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin.  Not to mention a dependable TE in Shiancoe, a good defense, and a decent offensive line.  

    The Vikings clearly do not trust Tarvaris Jackson when they are willing to play a 41-year-old quarterback with two fractures in his ankle rather than letting the Jackson take the reigns.  

    If Donovan wants a chance at that elusive Super Bowl ring, this is likely the best situation for him to enter.  Most of the pieces are in place.  Now all #5 has to do is wait for good ol' #4 to say that magic word.  RETIRE.  

    Maybe Arizona is the right choice after all.