NFL Week 8 Report Cards: Breaking Down Studs And Duds at QB

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer IJanuary 22, 2017

NFL Week 8 Report Cards: Breaking Down Studs And Duds at QB

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    Brett Favre's injury aside, he still must be graded as we look at the NFL Week 8 report cards in regard to all the quarterbacks.

    None of these grades should come as a surprise, even to the most loyal fan. Some good quarterbacks had bad days, and some questionable quarterbacks had questionable days.

    The preamble is done, though, so let's go ahead and start grading the quarterbacks from worst to first.

Matt Hasselbeck

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    Grade: F

    Matt Hasselbeck went 13-32, 160 yards and one touchdown. That stat line doesn't show just how outclassed he was by the Raiders defense on Sunday.

    Hasselbeck may as well have stayed on the sidelines. He would've been just as effective.

Mark Sanchez

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    Grade: F

    Winning has masked a lot of Mark Sanchez' problems. That wasn't an issue versus the Packers, as Sanchez failed to move the offense or rally the team late in the game.

Jon Kitna

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    Grade: F

    Jon Kitna threw for more than 300 yards and one touchdown, but he also had four interceptions. It wasn't a question on whether or not Dallas would continue to run a pass-heavy offense, but whether Kitna could handle it without self-destructing.

    The answer was "no."

Derek Anderson/Max Hall

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    Grade: D

    Max Hall was playing poorly enough to get an "F."

    Derek Anderson came out and started playing well enough to raise the team grade to a "B."

    Then Bad Derek showed up and threw the game away, so we'll settle with a "D."

Donovan McNabb

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    Grade: D

    Donovan McNabb is a better quarterback than this, especially in the regular season. But that could all be in the past now, as McNabb has struggled in recent weeks and finally was benched in the fourth quarter.

    This grade isn't an "F" because McNabb isn't surrounded by the talent he had in Philadelphia, and Head Coach Mike Shanahan's decision to bench McNabb seems flawed at best.

Carson Palmer

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    Grade: D

    Carson Palmer has two great wide receivers and a great tight end to throw to, yet it didn't seem to matter because Palmer threw a pick late in the game.

    Palmer has been maddeningly inconsistent this season, which is one reason why the Bengals now find themselves looking up at the Cleveland Browns in the AFC North.

Matt Moore

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    Grade: C-

    Matt Moore had three interceptions on the day, but he hardly was the only reason the Carolina Panthers lost.

    Mistakes were made on both sides of the ball, so the Panthers need to figure out which problem needs solved first.

Chad Henne

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    Grade: C

    While Chad Henne's day concluded with stats that were not offensive, 217 yards, zero touchdowns and one pick, the zero touchdowns really stuck out.

    The Miami Dolphins survived the game by taking advantage of the Cincinnati Bengals' mistakes and having a good kicker. Henne just happened to be on the field.

Ben Roethlisberger

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    Grade: C

    Ben Roethlisberger didn't do much on Sunday Night Football, throwing for zero touchdowns and an interception.

    Roethlisberger finished the night with 195 yards, but the Pittsburgh Steelers offense was completely neutralized and there didn't appear to be much that they could do about it.

Matt Cassel

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    Grade: C

    If it weren't for Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, Matt Cassel would be in really big trouble. Those two running backs take the focus off of Cassel and his average stat lines.

    In a game where Cassel should have had a career day, he faded into the background and the Chiefs pulled out an overtime win with a field goal over a winless team.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    Grade: B-

    In a game where three points made the difference, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for a touchdown and 223 yards, which was more than his counterpart in Kansas City.

    Fitzpatrick made a good showing for a bad team that isn't going anywhere this year.

Sam Bradford

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    Grade: B-

    Sam Bradford had a decent day, 191 yards and two touchdowns with no picks, but against the Carolina Panthers, Bradford fell victim to a pass defense that is better than the overall team's record would indicate.

    Ranked fifth in pass defense, the Panthers kept Bradford from exploding, but Bradford was good enough to get two touchdowns on the day.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Grade: B-

    It wasn't pretty, and it definitely was below Rodgers' usual standards, but it got the job done.

    Rodgers was 15-34 for 170 yards, but he didn't turn the ball over and he kept the Packers ahead. It's good enough to not be a "C," but not by much.

Vince Young

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    Grade: B

    Vince Young was hurt with less than six minutes to play, but the Chargers had shut down his running game, and he still threw for more than 250 yards and two touchdowns.

    No telling what would've happened had he not gotten hurt, but Young was holding his own through what turned out to be a very tough game.

Brett Favre

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    Grade: B

    On a day where Favre's ankle was held together by some twine and a twistee, he still managed to throw for 253 yards and had only one interception.

    Favre moved the offense and kept the Vikings in the game until he was flattened and had to be carried off the field.

Kyle Orton

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    Grade: B

    Let's be real here. Kyle Orton had another game where he threw for more than 300 yards, but the Broncos still have no running game, and the defense just isn't very good.

    Orton's the only real offensive weapon as Knowshon Moreno continues to not be a factor. Tim Tebow contributed his goal-line touchdown run, but that's about all he can add to the offense at the moment, which means if Orton can't get the Denver Broncos to the goal line, it's a play that won't get used.

    Orton is not the main reason the Broncos lost, but that's little consolation to Broncos fans.

Jason Campbell

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    Grade: B+

    On a day that saw Darren McFadden run for another 111 yards, Jason Campbell still threw for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns.

    Campbell had his best day as a Raider, and Oakland's offense now appears to be firing on all cylinders.

Drew Brees

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    Grade: B+

    Drew Brees threw for 305 yards, but he had two picks to his one touchdown.

    Brees was effective and moved up and down the field, but he still didn't look like a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

    That being said, he didn't look like a man trapped inside a box, whipping the ball anywhere in the hopes one of his receivers would catch it instead of the opposition.

    Fortune favored Brees, and his grade reflects that.

Josh Freeman

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    Grade: A

    You rally your team to a go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter, you get a top grade.

    Josh Freeman is getting better every week, and the league is starting to take notice.

Tom Brady

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    Grade: A

    Hey, it's Tom Brady!

    Brady played much better this week after giving a very un-Tom Bradylike performance last week versus San Diego.

    Brady threw for 240 yards and a touchdown, but he looked much sharper while BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran all over the field.

Phillip Rivers

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    Grade: A

    Troy Smith looked good in his first start in a San Francisco 49ers uniform. He threw lots of long passes in the fourth quarter and hooked up with Michael Crabtree in the end zone.

    Smith played good enough to start the quarterback controversy question as Alex Smith heals from a shoulder injury.

Matthew Stafford

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    Grade: A

    Matthew Stafford came back from a shoulder injury and threw for four touchdowns, outplaying Donovan McNabb, and flat out showing everybody there are no lingering effects from his injury.

Phillip Rivers

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    Grade: A

    Phillip Rivers did his usual shtick on Sunday, throwing for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns. Antonio Gates got his ninth grab for a touchdown in the process, and the Chargers held on for the win.

    The Chargers record doesn't really reflect it, but Rivers is leading one of the best offensive units in the league.

David Garrard

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    Grade: A+

    David Garrard came back from injury and threw for a nearly perfect QB rating, 157.8. A perfect rating is 158.3

    Garrard's day included three sacks and a lost fumble, but he had no picks on the day and threw for four touchdowns.

    So protection problems aside, Garrard was pretty good versus the Cowboys.