Play Fantasy Football For a Good Cause

Dan LobringContributor IAugust 24, 2008

Everybody's got their favorite free fantasy football sites, ESPN, Yahoo!, etc.  But what those sites don't have are great prizes.  So the folks at have come up with a game that not only has a great prize, but also has a charitable tie-in.

Yes, the game will cost $10, but a portion of that fee goes to the Gridiron Greats.  These guys do great things, but mainly provide financial assistance and coordination of social services to retired players who are in dire need.

So why not play fantasy football and actually feel like you're helping others at the same time?  Best of all, winner takes home $3,500 and gets to have dinner with Da Coach himself. 

Skeptics will argue that there are bunch of new games each year, why should I play this one?  I say why not give it a shot. It's only $10 bucks and it's for a good cause.