WWE: 10 Wrestlers Who Can Up Their Cred at This Year's Survivor Series

Elson KakaireContributor IIIOctober 31, 2010

10 Wrestlers Who Can Up Their Cred at This Year's Survivor Series

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    With this year's Survivor Series fast approaching, there are a select group of superstars who will have the opportunity to see their stock rise after the event is over with. Whether they are in singles competition or involved in a traditional Survivor Series-style match, each of these 10 superstars have that chance.

    So starting with No. 10...

No. 10: Ezekiel Jackson

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    It is clear that WWE is high on this guy considering that they made him the final ECW champion and he also fulfills all of Vince's slightly Homo-Erotic fantasies of what he perceives as a WWE superstar. He was put into the Raw team for bragging rights and I expect him to be involved in another elimination tag match at this year's Survivor Series.

    This kind of match will give big Zeke the perfect opportunity to dominate one of these matches and eliminate a few people. We will certainly see his stock rise after the event.

No. 9: Daniel Bryan

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    The "American Dragon" Daniel Bryan has recently put on a series of fantastic matches against Dolph Ziggler and he is showing everybody that he is worthy of being the United States champion. However, I think that in order for him to gain more credibility, he needs to defend it at Survivor Series.

    Should he defend his title, it needs to be against a strong competitor and he needs to win clean as well. This clean win would help solidify his status as a solid champion. If he does not happen to defend his title then he will most likely be in a Survivor Series match and against the Nexus as well. last time he went against the Nexus at SummerSlam he was probably Team WWE's strongest superstar.

    A similar showing will not do him any harm.

No. 8: Jack Swagger

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    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Jack Swagger has had an epic fall from grace since winning the world championship and lost his "Swagger". There was no more cocky struts to the ring, no more popping of his vest strap, no more arrogant smile, no more Kurt Angle style robe and most importantly, no more push-ups.

    Somehow Jack Swagger needs to get his swagger back and I don't see a better way than him being a sole survivor. Although he has no momentum whatsoever coming into Survivor Series, we shouldn't forget that he had virtually no momentum coming into Wrestlemania and he still became Mr. Money in the Bank.

    Should Swagger leave Survivor Series as a sole survivor then he instantly has a reason to start bragging once again and we could see the Jack Swagger of old and his career can take off once again.

No. 7: Dolph Ziggler

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    Similar to Daniel Bryan, he has had some exciting matches in the past few weeks, but unfortunately for him, he hasn't won any of these exciting matches. Because of this, Dolph needs something for him to happen at Survivor Series more than Daniel Bryan.

    I think that somehow Dolph will get his own back on Daniel Bryan one way or another. By doing this Dolph will look strong and their interesting feud can continue.

No. 6: Alberto Del Rio

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    His name his Alberto Del Rio...but you already know that. After losing the triple-threat match which included his rival Rey Mysterio, Alberto and Rey seem destined to meet in some shape or form at Survivor Series.

    Alberto is an exciting prospect for the WWE and needs to be handled the right way. With this in mind he needs to go over Rey Mysterio once more and his credibility will rise again after losing to Rey, easily getting eliminated at Bragging Rights and losing once more in the triple-threat match.

    Survivor Series will be a great opportunity for Alberto Del Rio to continue his rise to the top.

No. 5: Sheamus

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    The former two-time WWE champion has somewhat stood still since he lost to Randy Orton for the WWE championship. Not much has happened for him but WWE have done a decent enough job to keep him looking strong.

    He destroyed Daniel Bryan the night after Hell in a Cell and he was eliminated on count out by the Big Show at Bragging Rights. I think WWE is waiting until Triple H returns so that they can put Sheamus in an interesting programme once again, but until that happens he needs something to happen. I believe that Survivor Series can be a great way to put Sheamus in a mini-feud with either the Big Show or better still, John Morrison.

    These two put on a great match when Sheamus was still WWE champion and it will be a feud that would help elevate both of these superstars should they be able to prove they can carry a feud with one another.

No. 4: The Miz

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    Mr Money in the Bank, The Miz hasn't had the best run of form since losing his United States championship to Daniel Bryan. He tapped out to Bryan again in the triple-threat submission match and he didn't get a single elimination at Bragging Rights

    At last year's Survivor Series, The Miz led an impressive team to victory over John Morrison's team and he will need to have a repeat in order for him to get back to top form and become a serious competitor on RAW once again.

    He seems to have been the forgotten man on RAW despite holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, but with a strong showing at this year's Survivor Series, or perhaps even cashing in on the WWE champion after what is sure to be a controversial main event would make The Miz awesome once again.

No. 3: Justin Gabriel

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    There are two very obvious things that spring to mind when one thinks about Justin Gabriel. One is that he is without a doubt the second-best member in the Nexus with some even having the opinion that he is better than Wade Barrett. The second thing that springs to mind is that his move set is suited for a face instead of a heel.

    With that in mind, I can see Justin Gabriel having a similar push to Randy Orton when he was in Evolution where he outshines the leader of the group and gets kicked out for being too successful. Survivor Series is the perfect chance for Gabriel to start to stand out from the rest of the Nexus.

    It would be stupid should there not be a Nexus vs WWE rematch from Summerslam, and should that happen, then Justin Gabriel will be the main man for the Nexus in this match. I am pretty sure he would be the standout superstar for the Nexus and would probably even stand out more than any other superstar in that match as well.

    Should Gabriel lead a Nexus team to victory this would make people stand up and pay attention to Gabriel and could set him on his way to having a long and successful career in the WWE.

No.2: John Morrison

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    If John Morrison doesn't get that main event push now then he never will. Through some good luck, this is the best chance John Morrison will have to solidify himself as a main event superstar.

    Just look at the scenario. Chris Jericho is on a hiatus, CM Punk got traded to RAW and then gets injured soon after that. When Triple H returns he will automatically be put into a feud with Sheamus through default and you would have to think that if Randy Orton loses to Wade Barrett then he will not stop until he makes John Cena pay.

    This in theory will leave the would-be champion Wade Barrett without a challenger for his title if HHH is feuding with Sheamus and Orton and Cena are trading blows. Although the Miz is there, WWE is unlikely to do a heel vs. heel match at a PPV.

    This leaves John Morrison with the chance to be able to face Wade Barrett at a future PPV, but then his main event push needs to start at Survivor Series. Morrison needs to win at Survivor Series for this to happen. Should he lead a team to victory then I believe that John Morrison will definitely be a world champion by 2011.

No. 1: Wade Barrett

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    It seems as if Wade Barrett can do no wrong and come Survivor Series he will be the new WWE champion with a powerful super-group behind him in the Nexus. Should this happen, then Wade Barrett should, in theory, hold the WWE championship until at least WrestleMania.

    He has the reluctant Nexus member John Cena as the special guest referee and has even promised that should he become WWE champion then Cena will no longer be a part of the Nexus. It seems inevitable that Cena will allow Orton to retain his title, otherwise he would be fired.

    Barrett has hardly put a foot wrong since he has entered the WWE and he seems more ready to be a WWE champion than Sheamus was when he first won the strap.

    I am going on record here by saying Wade Barrett will become the new WWE champion and in the process will truly become the next breakout star.

The End

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    No matter what happens at this year's Survivor Series, at least a few of these superstars will have increased their credibility once the show is over. I am in no doubt that it will be an interesting PPV regardless of the matches that we get and I for one can't wait till the 21st.

    Until next time, Bleachers.