10 Best Halloween Costumes for the 2010 NHL Season

Imtiaz FerdousCorrespondent IIOctober 31, 2010

As you all know, tonight is Halloween. As a result the ghosts of NY Rangers past will get out of their graves and kill Glen Sather, or at the very least scare him into paying $10 million per year for Brad Richards.

Now many people wear costumes, and while some look better in their costumes than they normally do (I'm looking at you Bettman) I decided to just make a list of the 10 best costumes.


  1. Brian Burke dresses up as Michael Corleone. He then stands Godfather to my son while all the GMs who have ever refused him a trade are mysteriously killed.
  2. Daniel Sedin decides to dress up as Henrik Sedin, while Henrik Sedin decides to dress up as Daniel Sedin.
  3. Brad Richards puts on a Maple Leafs uniform with the name Richards on the back. In a completely unrelated story, Ron Wilson is charged with tampering and is thus forced to pay a fine of $1.
  4. Gary Bettman wears the ugliest and most horrifying costume as he goes to a game dressed up as Gary Bettman.
  5. Joe Nieuwendyk dresses up as Brian Burke causing terror to many onlookers as they see the impossible: Brian Burke smiling.
  6. Lou Lamoriello dresses up as a madman and throws jars of jelly at everyone.
  7. Kyle Wellwood dresses up as a whale (the fat-ass).
  8. Cliff Fletcher dresses up as John Ferguson Junior, thus causing many Leafs fans heart attacks, which is odd because most are 16.
  9. Dave Nonis dresses up as Mike Gillis and sits in on a Vancouver game. In a completely unrelated topic the Sedin Twins have gone missing, while the new college free agents playing for the Leafs look vaguely familiar.
  10. Mike Komisarek dresses up as Chris Pronger. On a related topic Chris Pronger has dressed up as Mike Komisarek. They both vow to keep on the costumes for as long as they both live.