Fantasy Football Week 8: NFL Injury Updates, Start 'Em Sit 'Em Advice and More

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Fantasy Football Week 8: NFL Injury Updates, Start 'Em Sit 'Em Advice and More
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As I took a long look at my fantasy football roster and started to sulk about having Brett Favre on my team, I told myself to find something positive out of it.

It could be a lot worse.

At least I don't have Tony Romo on my team.

The moment Romo went down, I swooped right in and picked up his backup, Jon Kitna.

I know, I know what you're thinking.

"You must be really desperate."

Yes, I am.  My quarterback position has been hurting all year with Favre at the helm.  But I have no problem adding another oldie to my squad by giving the 38-year-old Kitna a roster spot.

Dallas has plenty of offensive weapons on that squad, and Kitna shouldn't be taken for granted.

To make it interesting, I also nabbed Matt Cassel from the free agent pool and added him to my squad.

So my question for tomorrow:

Brett Favre, Matt Cassel, or John Kitna?

Stay tuned for an update Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, I am here to dish out fantasy tips, weather updates, injury news and sit 'em, start 'em advice.


I'm going to make this easy on myself by narrowing it down even farther. 

Favre, you're getting bench duty this week for sure.

He's just too risky to play today because of his injury and his tendency to just throw the ball away.

Cassel and Kitna should have better games this Sunday.

Cassel will be going against the Bills who have given up 14 passing TD's this season while Kitna will deal with a Jacksonville defense that has allowed 16 TD's and an average of 253 passing yards/game.

I know Kitna is old and hasn't played since 2008 but I do think he'll step right in and be a very capable passer, at least for this weekend.  There's just too many guys to throw to in Dallas that makes Kitna a very solid play.

Today, I will play Kitna. I think he'll get more passing yards and perhaps one more TD than Matt Cassell

Something to the tune of 275 passing yards and three TD's.  I have faith.

Week 7 Highlights

Start Patrick Crayton (87 yards, zero TD's) over Brandon Marshall (57 yards, zero TD's)

Start Joe Flacco (250 passing yards, three TD's) over Ben Roethlisberger (302 passing yards, two TD's)

Start 'Em Knowshon Moreno (90 total yards, two total TD's)

Sit 'Em Ronnie Brown (34 total yards, zero TD's)

Week 7 Lowlights

Sit Darren McFadden (196 total yards, four total TD's)

Sit Todd Heap (59 yards, two TD's)

Start Ray Rice (73 total yards, zero TD's)

Sit Kenny Britt (225 receiving yards, three TD's)

Hate Message From Last Week

Ok lemme get this straight. Don't start Tom Brady this week because Matt Cassel played bad against them two years ago while Brady watched from the bench against a very different and much better San Diego team? Not sure I'm following this...

My response to the message last week:

A lot of guys from that Chargers D is still around. Eric Weddle, Quentin Jammer, Stephen Cooper, Shaun Phillips. Cassell was still running Bill Belichik's offense—he didn't really play bad, he still threw the ball a lot—the Chargers found a way to keep the Pats from finding the end zone.

What happened last week?

Tom Brady: 159 passing yards, one TD

This list will be updated with Saturday evening/Sunday morning sit 'em, start 'em recommendations as well as weather and injury news to make sure your fantasy team will be ready this weekend.

Got last-second fantasy football questions?  Post on the comment section and I'll hit you back with my response right here.

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