NTWWC Cycle 1: NXT Gen. Week 2

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NTWWC Cycle 1:  NXT Gen. Week 2

Hello again Bleacher Report! This is week two of Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist. Last week the competitors were challenged to work together to create an article. They had to write an article detailing which member of LayCool is the strongest. First up:


Rize and Jamie- http://bleacherreport.com/articles/505276-when-couples-attack-who-is-the-stronger-member-of-laycool

Formatting- 10/10

Grammar- 7/10

Creativity- 7/10

Overall- 24/30

Thoughts: I liked that you both stayed true to your own individual styles, and it was very smart of you to distinguish who wrote what. There were a few errors in grammar here and there but nothing really big. There  just a few awkward terms. The fact that you wrote about each member instantly made you different, and it sort of became a debate in that sense. You should've put in a poll for fans to pick which member is stronger, but what's done is done. I do think that Jamie's part was stronger than Rize's, because it was longer and didn't just state accolades.

Buzz and Jade- No submission.

Chris and Double-A- No submission.

The winners (by default) are Rize and Jamie.

So, if you couldn't tell from the lack of submissions and lack of judging, this week was very, very confusing for everyone. It seems that the directions weren't clear enough, so let me explain this to everyone once more:

1. The weekly challenge will be given.

2. Competitors will write and PUBLISH their articles to their profiles here on B/R.

3. The rookies will then LINK their articles to ME, Renee Gerber, AND Iam Da Real Deal THROUGH the contact button. The reason for this is that we can't be constantly looking on your pages to see if you've published the weekly contest article.

4. Then Renee and Iam will send ME their judging (formatting, grammar, creativity, and thoughts) THROUGH the contact button on my page.

6. Next I'll combine all of our thoughts and scores to make up the bottom two people. We shall all deliberate on which of the two should be eliminated.

5. And finally, a new weekly article shall be published by me. Including the eliminated rookie.

Simple enough, no?

Since there was only one article published this week, and no one else submitted their work, there will be no elimination this week. But don't get too excited just yet, because this week will be.....


Yup. As a repercussion for lack of submissions, next week two people will be eliminated instead of one. We here at NTWWC don't believe in wasting time, so we're not just going to let this slide. Now let me introduce your next challenge, rookies.

Challenge: "Poetry In Motion"

This week's challenge is to write an article on your favorite women's wrestler ever and why she's your favorite. The twist? You have to do it acrostic-style, like an acrostic Poem. Example:

My favorite women's wrestler is Trish Stratus, so I'd have to do this:













Then I'd go on to write the 'T' in Trish stands for Timing.

Trish Stratus began to gain traction right when I was introduced to wrestling, so......and so on and so forth. And yes, you can write it on anyone. It's not restricted to WWE or TNA. Go ahead and choose someone from the Indy Scene or a Joshi women's wrestler— nothing is off limits.

Each article is due this Friday at 12:00 am. There seemed to be some confusion about timing as well. You have to submit your article BEFORE OR AT 12:00 AM THIS FRIDAY. Obviously some exceptions might be made, but timing is key.

So now that the rules have been clarified, I expect next week to go waaaaay smoother.


Note: Your opening wasn't able to get done today, so expect to see it in the coming weeks.

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