Bill Goldberg: Why He Should Be Wrestling in TNA...Right Now!

David WhiteheadContributor INovember 2, 2010

I had a dream last night. It was of Goldberg appearing on TNA and taking out Fourtune while they were doing a promo (specifically an image of him Jackhammering Robert Roode). I must emphasise that I’ve heard no rumours whatsoever of TNA approaching Goldberg and this was only a dream. But let’s for a moment indulge ourselves in a ‘What If?’ scenario

Who Is Goldberg?

For those of you who don’t know who Goldberg is or didn’t watch him when he wrestled, he has the image of an unstoppable, indestructible wrestling juggernaut; his moveset was unashamedly power-based, he wasn’t usually affiliated with any faction and was generally seen as a face, even though his image was more anti-hero. The plot would go something like this: Dixie Carter has lost control of TNA to Immortal and Fourtune, and at the moment the heels are running the show. She desperately searches to find someone to oppose them and to rally the faces but that’s difficult at the moment, as most of them are either injured (Angle, Anderson, Samoa Joe), demoralised (Sting, Kevin Nash, the Pope) or don’t have enough strength in numbers or are fighting amongst themselves (EV2.0). So in desperation she turns to another former WCW wrestler who has battled Hulk/Bischoff/Flair before. The problem is: it’s Goldberg. Sure, he could go through them all. But he could take out half of the locker room and bring down TNA at the same time. ‘Dixie’s Doomsday Weapon’, if you will. If this has more than a faint whiff of Déjà vu, it’s not surprising; Goldberg battled the many incarnations of the nWo while in WCW. With the rate that TNA are going through the WCW ‘playbook’, it’s only a matter of time before they do something similar.

How Viable In reality?

Bill Goldberg is still in good shape apparently. He co-owns and operates the Extreme Power Gym Muay Thai & Boxing training facility in California (he trained there when preparing to wrestle in NJPW), so surely still trains. He certainly still looks the part in later pics I’ve seen of him. He would of course need to blow the dust off his wrestling technique, but good wrestlers in good condition can do that fairly quickly if they have the desire. You couldn’t have him doing promos beforehand though, as if TNA did sign him they’d have to introduce him quickly as a) rumours of him having signed would quickly spread and spoil the surprise and b) he’d have much more impact (pun intended) and shock value if he just turned up at the end of an IMPACT! show or PPV and decimated the place.

Alas, this is all hypothetical; he’d cost way too much to sign even on a short-term contract. He was an A-listed wrestler and would still command top dollar; remember the whole saga of WWE electing to wait until his Time-Warner contract expired (WCW was owned by Ted Turner before he sold out to WWE), as it was so expensive? There are also the stories of him being difficult to work with in WCW due to him apparently having a big ego and that’s something TNA seem to have too much of already, thank you very much. He’s also got a lot of post-career (and lucrative) interests, so money is unlikely to be a factor.

But, as a rider, he did say recently he’d love to wrestle one more time so that his son could see him in action. This would be more likely to happen in WWE because the 2011 HOF is looking like it will be dedicated to WCW wrestlers, so who knows what negotiations are going on behind the scenes.


It’s never going to happen, but it’s nice to dream. And in reality if TNA did sign him, even if only short-term, he could be the one thing that takes TNA over the top. Are you listening, Dixie?

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