Los Angeles Lakers: 10 Ways They Can Win The 2010-2011 NBA Championship

Denise CharlesContributor IIIOctober 30, 2010

Los Angeles Lakers: 10 Ways They Can Win The 2010-2011 NBA Championship

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    They just got their championship rings earlier this week. 

    And although Ron Artest is raffling his ring away, he, along with the rest of the team, are hungry for another ring already.

    With the media swarming around teams in the East, the Lakers are motivated to prove that they are still the best the NBA has right now. 

    The following are 10 reasons and ways they should finish on top.

Make Sure The Ball Gets to Kobe or Gasol

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    By acquiring Matt Barnes and Steve Blake, the Lakers should have more of an intimidation factor than before.  

    Blake is a passer and that’s exactly what Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum need. Both Barnes and Blake will allow for more possession of the ball and keep players healthy.


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    Kobe is still Kobe, but it’s not the Kobe we saw coming straight out of high school.

    Kobe is getting older and in turn, his health is a major concern.   

    He’ll still going to be able to score big for his team, but it seems like it will only come at times of need. 

    He’ll definitely be playing the role of Superman this season, as seen in their near-loss to the Houston Rockets during the season opener.

Andrew Bynum As a Dominant Center

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    Bynum needs to be more dominant as a center. 

    Back in the day, Kobe had Shaq, and although Shaq isn’t all there personality-wise, he was one of the biggest and most dominant centers of all time. 

    I mean, let’s not forget…Kobe won his first three championships with Shaq.  Granted, Shaq has a few more pounds on Bynum, but it’s close enough to be just as dominant and helpful on the court.

Phil Jackson: The Mastermind Of The Show

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    Phil Jackson is the mastermind behind their success. 

    Yes, it’s no doubt a team full of talent. 

    However, Phil Jackson sees all and knows all.  He has this unbelievable way of mashing his players together to create the powerhouse they have become. 

    He’s won 11 championships, and he’s done it with the best players in history.  There is no doubt he can make this year No. 12.

Pau Gasol: Improving and Impressing

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    Pau Gasol is improving and impressing. 

    With 11 rebounds and 29 points in the season opener, he left people amazed.  In addition, he had two blocks and two assists to top his stats for the night. 

    With his size and talent, it’s expected of him to pull double-doubles all season.  Could he be the success of the Lakers this year?

Let's Not Begin to Celebrate Too Early

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    They can’t get too comfortable with their star status. 

    After getting their Championship rings for last year on the night of their season opener, they almost lost to the Houston Rockets. 

    The Rockets were up by 11 points at the end of the half, more than they should have been against the Lakers. 

Lakers Are In a League Of Their Own

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    The Western Conference doesn’t have too many teams that can compete. 

    Not saying that the Western teams aren’t good—they are no doubt, some talented players, but it’s just not enough to take down the Lakers.  

    Especially, when some of the other better teams in the West have some of the oldest players in the NBA—and if we’ve learned anything after they watching the season opener against the Rockets, those old-timers run out of fuel pretty quick.

The East Might Implode From Talent

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    The Eastern Conference has way too many good players and teams. 

    The Lakers have been a shoo-in for this year’s championship and as strong and powerful as some of the teams are in the East, they might make it easier than we thought. 

    These teams are literally going to beat each other up during the regular season.  By the time the playoffs roll around, they will be exhausted mentally and physically.

Dynamic Trio of Miami

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    They need to pass the Dynamic Trio of Miami. 

    Yeah, we are all going to get our fill of the media’s hype on Miami. 

    Especially after they lost to the Celtics in their season opener.  In their defense, though, the Celtics are arguably one of the top three best NBA franchises. 

    The Heat did beat the 76ers by 10 points and then, Dwight Howard and his Orlando Magic squad by an astounding 26 points.

Biggest Hurdle: Boston Celtics, Again

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    The beef between Kobe and Shaq may reach its highest point, as he is now with the Celtics. 

    The Celtics are quite arguably one of the oldest teams in history.  Their players are beyond their prime, but they shouldn’t be looked over as championship contenders just yet. 

    They were a well-respected team before and have what it takes to compete with Los Angeles, but now they have a key addition in helping them reach that goal: Shaq. 

    Shaq not only played with the Lakers, but he probably understands them as players and people better than anyone.  Lest we forget, he is one of the main components to Kobe’s first three rings.   


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    It wouldn't be a surprise if the Lakers make it to the finals; in fact, it'd be a shocker if they DIDN'T get a chance at a three-peat. 

    They have what it takes to get another ring.  Every player is beyond good...and having Phil Jackson is just the icing to the cake. 

    Their biggest hurdles are the dominating teams in the East: Miami and Boston.

    Can they win a third straight championship or will they fall short to other talent?

    One thing's for sure, this is going to be an exciting and intense season.