Smackdown Results (Oct. 29): Undertaker's Funeral, New No. 1 Contender!

Duane DooganCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2010

Yes sir, we promised you a great main event.


Undertaker's Funeral

The opening of the show had a video of The Undertaker going through some door. Not sure what it meant, but it was quite weird.

In the arena, Kane's music hit, and he was kneeling by the grave and tombstone where he buried Undertaker (in a different arena, the grave stone must just travel).

He says that the saga is over and that he has proven his dominance over the Undertaker for the final time, as his brother is never coming back because he buried him.

He said there will be theories on whether The Undertaker will come back, but he won't because he is gone.

He says now that his brother is truly one with the dark side and condemned to an eternity of agony he wants the WWE Universe to thank him for removing the false hope that The Undertaker provides to their meaningless lives.

He knows that everyone is clinging to the hope that The Undertaker will return but that will never happen as the Deadman is six-feet under ground, and while he is rotting and decomposing, Kane remains the World Heavyweight Champion and the Devil's Favorite Demon.

He calls for a moment of silence in respect of The Undertaker, this was cut short by the music of Alberto Del Rio who came out and said that this is a tragedy.

However, he says he's not referring to The Undertaker but rather to the fact that he has not yet had a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. He says he's handsome, rich and they should have a funeral for Kane as the World Champion.

Kane begins to shout at him for interrupting, but Del Rio knocks the urn out of Paul Bearer's hands and uses the distraction to attack Kane and knock him out of the ring.

Rey Mysterio runs out and goes after Del Rio who dodges out of the ring, instead Mysterio hits Paul Bearer who was just waiting on the ropes, it seems, to take a 619.

Kane comes in and attacks Mysterio, but he turns around and Edge appears in the ring and hits a Spear to take out the World Heavyweight Champion.

They kept the talking and fighting short and I think that was smart. Sets up a few possible challengers for Kane's title.

Alberto Del Rio backstage with Teddy Long

Del Rio asks for a World Heavyweight Championship match tonight and when Long rejects he asks to be made the No. 1 Contender.

Instead Long makes a No. 1 Contender's match with the winner facing Kane at Survivor Series and tells Alberto Del Rio he'll face both Edge & Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat match in the main event.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan

Ziggler comes out first and Vickie Guerrero is dressed up as a cougar for Halloween. The announcers introduce themselves and state that due to the surroundings of Bryan's win on RAW that this match was made tonight.

Ziggler goes right after Bryan from the get go, hitting him with kicks to the face and several attacks.

Ziggler continued to dominate for a good portion of the match. Bryan got occasional offense in, but they were certainly making Ziggler look good following both of his losses this week.

Towards the end of the match, Ziggler locked in the sleeper and then hit the Zig-Zag, but the referee was distracted and Vickie crawled into the ring and counted the three.

Mike Chioda claimed it didn't count and Bryan was given time to recover and hit Ziggler with a kick to the head and covered for the three-count and the third victory over Dolph since Sunday.

Very good match and liking the series between these two. Hopefully we'll see more. Maybe they'll captain Survivor Series teams against each other. An ad for Big Show in Knucklehead was shown.


Josh Matthews backstage with Paul Bearer

Matthews was talking to Bearer who claimed Del Rio, Mysterio and Edge will all pay for his attack earlier, Kane appeared and Josh fled.

We saw the WWE Superstars talk about living their dream in the Stand Up For WWE campaign.


Kelly Kelly and "Dashing" Cody Rhodes backstage  

Kelly Kelly is looking in a mirror, but she is pushed aside as "Dashing" Cody Rhodes who says he has a responsibility to look Dashing. Rhodes begins to rip on Kelly Kelly and Big Show tells him to leave but first he wants to face him tonight.

Rhodes says he's part of a tag team so Big Show will have to find a partner. Rhodes leaves and then Show & Kelly talk about her Halloween costume as they are BFFs or something.


Jack Swagger vs. Kaval

Kaval comes out and they talk about him losing his spot at Bragging Rights. Wasn't he meant to get a title shot on pay-per-view for winning NXT?

Kaval begins trying to use quick aerial attacks on the All American American, but Swagger uses his power to his advantage. For anybody who's wondering, the Eagle was at ringside.

Kaval finally gets the upper hand, hitting a huracanrana and jumping out of a German Suplex and kicks Swagger to the head. Swagger gets frustrated and begins to weaken Kaval's ankle by hitting his leg off the ring post.

Swagger rolls into the ring and locks in the Ankle Lock, and Kaval wastes no time in tapping out. Swagger stands victorious with a new found focus and determination.

The announcers show replays from the opening segment, promoting tonight's main event.


Divas Halloween Costume Contest

Teddy Long was in the ring with Hornswoggle who was dressed up as a cowboy. First off is the Bellas who come out as Batman and Robin. Alicia Fox is Cleopatra.

Kelly Kelly comes out as Little Bo Peep, Rosa Mendes makes her way out as a Lucky Leprechaun (and Hornswoggle's in the ring, please don't WWE) and Melina comes out as Spider Woman.

Finally LayCool come out as Lady Gaga & Beyonce. Teddy Long says the WWE Universe will determine the winners when LayCool say that they will win, they tease a fight so Teddy announces an 8-Diva Tag Team Match.

The teams are the Bellas, Kelly Kelly & Melina vs. LayCool, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox. They actually have a proper match with most divas getting a share of the in-ring time as we go to a commercial.

When we come back, Kelly Kelly botches for a while with Rosa Mendes and then hits a Lou Thesz Press and then hits a K-Squared and gets the pin.

Kelly Kelly is horrible in the ring, Matt Striker even references Michael Cole laughing at ringside, so they are openly acknowledging that the Divas are ultra bad these days. Not a good sign.


Edge and Rey Mysterio backstage

Edge say they may have won Bragging Rights together, but tonight's not about unity and he will become No. 1 Contender.

Rey says they aren't best friends and never will be (weren't they "best friends" and tag champions a few years ago?) and Rey will win and take back the title that Kane took from him.

"Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre vs. Big Show & Kofi Kingston

McIntyre tells the WWE Universe that they have a message for Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel that they are pathetic and they will take their titles back. Rhodes have a dashing tip for the Nexus to watch what they do tonight.

He then announces that the duo will now be known as the Dashing Ones, a combination of Dashing and the Chosen One. Big Show comes out and introduced his partner as the former Intercontinental & United States Champion Kofi Kingston.

Kofi controls Drew for the opening of the match before tagging in the Big Show. Show does his trademark slap in the corner with telling the crowd to quiet and tags in Kofi again as McIntyre tags in Rhodes who begins to work on Kofi's leg even allowing McIntyre to slap the leg off the ring post.

The two exchange quick tags and prevent Kingston from tagging in his opponent as the WWE Universe get behind Big Show.

Kingston hits a dropkick on McIntyre, allowing time to tag in his partner. The finish came when Big Show knocked down Rhodes and dropped Cody with a Chokeslam for the cover.

Following the match, backstage Rhodes & McIntyre argue and say that they are better off apart.

Cody says he'll leave before he does something Drew will regret, McIntyre threatens to smash his Dashing face in before Rhodes announces the Tag Team over and walks away.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio

Del Rio makes his way out first accompanied with his usual personal ring introduction followed by Mysterio and finally Edge.

Before the bout began they aired an ad for next week's NXT where Aksana will marry Goldust. I haven't been following this season of NXT and now that there seems to be a wedding involved, I'm glad.

Back in the match, the bell sounded and Mysterio went after Del Rio, Edge stood by before being thrown out of the ring by Mysterio. Del Rio used his size to his advantage throwing Rey around the ring and shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

Edge got back in the ring and went for a roll up to surprise Del Rio but only got the two count.

Edge and Alberto traded blows and knocked each other outside of the ring. Rey climbed to the top rope and hit both with a cross body on the outside as we went to a commercial.

We came back with Alberto with Rey in the corner working on his arm setting him up for the arm bar. There was a nice spot when Edge hit a sunset dive on Del Rio that caused Alberto to hit a German Suplex on Edge.

Del Rio hung Edge on the ropes and as he got onto the apron, Rey slid under his legs and pulled him to the outside before hitting a Tilt-a-Whirl on Edge and then a Senton but only managed a two-count.

Striker referenced the two being former Tag Champions...thanks, Matt. Rey set Edge up for the 619 but as he hit the rope, Alberto pulled him out and ran after Edge but ran into a flapjack. Edge attempted a cover but didn't get the three.

Del Rio hit an impressive Belly-to-Back Suplex with a bridge but as before only managed a two count.

Edge got up and knocked down Alberto with a big boot and went to the top rope and Rey knocked him down before missing a Frankensteiner, which allowed Alberto to hit the arm bar.

On the top rope, Edge dropped an Elbow to break up the submission. The crowd called for the Spear, but each man hit a clothesline for a cool looking triple clothesline to knock all men down.

Rey drop-kicked Del Rio to the second rope and hit the 619, but as he went for the splash, Edge hit him with a Spear and went for the pin on Del Rio inside the ring but somehow Del Rio managed to kick out.

Edge called for the Spear again but was caught by Alberto's personal ring announcer (Ricardo Rodriguez), which caused enough distraction for Del Rio to hit the kick to head and pin, only to be broken up by Mysterio.

Del Rio caught Mysterio on his shoulders and Edge knocked them both down with a Spear and got the three-count. He advances to face Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series in Miami.

Kane came out and hit his pyro as he held his belt aloft and stared down the Rated R Superstar and the new No. 1 Contender for his title as the show goes off the air.


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