When Couples Attack: Who Is the Stronger Member of Lay-Cool?

Jamie JohnsonContributor IOctober 29, 2010

McCool and Layla posing as co-champions via WWE.com
McCool and Layla posing as co-champions via WWE.com

Welcome to the first installment of articles coming out for the Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist competition. This week, we were branched off into pairs.

Rize and I had different opinions about who the stronger member of LayCool is. Instead of us trying to convince each other to sway, we're presenting both arguments for each member of LayCool.

That way, you the reader can come to your own conclusions. It's the best of both worlds. Rize is up first. Enjoy!


In my first step to becoming the Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist, I was presented with a seemingly simple subject. Who's the stronger member of LayCool? I figured it would be like a walk in the park.

Boy, was I wrong. Women's wrestling is very complicated, and should be treated equally challenging as an article on male wrestlers.

That being said, on to the subject. Which member of LayCool is stronger? Going with the obvious, Michelle McCool.

McCool has made history three times in the last three years. First Diva's Champion. First Diva to hold both Diva's and Women's Titles. The First Unified Diva's Champion. Unlike Layla, McCool wasn't used as a bride to William Regal and a drifter on Smackdown!

In January of last year, Layla was lost in the mix. McCool was winning Championships and cementing her status as WWE's top Diva.

Layla had absolutely zero wrestling ability. Even after teaming with McCool, she was just an assist to her in title defenses.

McCool has beaten every Diva on the WWE Roster. Layla's wrestling ability has recently shown itself. She even missed the Top 10 of the PWI 50.

Yeah she became Women's Champion after beating Beth Phoenix. After McCool had did most of the dirty work. Including Phoenix being seriously injured.

McCool has dominated the Title Scene, holding the Women's Title half of last year. McCool is obviously the better, though Layla will continue to improve.


First of all, I'd like to say I'm honored to be participating in the Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist competition. Women's wrestling hasn't received a proper amount of spotlight in a long time, so having this opportunity to make it a weekly feature here at Bleacher Report is amazing and humbling.

This week's first writing prompt: "When Couples Attack: Who the Stronger Member of LayCool Is."

Rize has listed why he believes the stronger member is Michelle McCool. I'm here to tell you the opposite. Layla El is the backbone of LayCool.

Michelle McCool may have her own list of accolades, however Layla El also has a very solid resume in the four years she's been with the WWE.

She won the 2006 Diva Search and went on to create Extreme Expose a few months later on ECW. She is the first British WWE Women's Champion, and the first winner of WWE's Diva Search to win the aforementioned title.

She is also recognized, with Michelle McCool, to be the first Unified Divas Champion and the last official holder of the WWE Women's Champion.

Aside from Layla's accomplishments thus far, she's shown an incredible amount of dedication to the business. While Layla was "lost in the mix," as my partner writes, she was learning how to work a match.

When she won the 2006 Diva Search, she had absolutely zero wrestling experience. Layla has said in interviews that she took advantage of every chance to head to Florida to learn.

Look at her now. She expertly applies submission maneuvers.  Modified versions of the surfboard are her favorite. Her neckbreaker finisher is perfection.

Most importantly, however, Layla can sell. I've watched tape of her in action against Divas such as Melina and Nattie Neidhart, and her selling is some of the best in the division.

In the WWE, wrestling abilities aren't necessarily what makes a star. Being able to cut promos is vital to how far you will make it in the business. Let's cut back to Michelle McCool prior to teaming with Layla. Sure, she was a champion and all, but no one ever put a microphone in her hands.

Since teaming with Layla, McCool has been a part of memorable promos over the last year. Arguably, Layla has been the backbone of these promos.

Her microphone skills are, in my opinion, far better than McCool's. While her partner comes off canned and stale, Layla livens up every promo in which she takes part.

I must certainly give McCool credit where credit is due. She has held both titles in the women's division on multiple occasions. She was ranked No. 1 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Top 50 Females.

However, she carries a cloud over her head. Her success is often questioned because she began dating the Undertaker right about the same time she started peaking in WWE.

She's also received heat from other pro wrestlers for using TNA star AJ Styles's Styles Clash without seeking permission first.

Layla does not carry any of this baggage, or any baggage of her own making. She has legitimately established herself as one of the most entertaining Divas that WWE has to offer.

From her promos to how she carries herself in the ring, Layla is not only the stronger member of LayCool but the future of the WWE Divas.