Which Philadelphia Athlete Represented Philly The Best?

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Which Philadelphia Athlete Represented Philly The Best?
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Philly has always been a sports city with high expectations of its players.  We don't always expect to win but we expect our players to give 110 percent effort.  For this, our fans are often misunderstood.

Of these 10 players in Philadelphia history, who represents Philly the best?  Again, this list isn't compiled of the best athletes to grace a field, court or ice in Philly, but the athletes that represent our city the best. They bled orange and black, powder blue, Kelly green, and red, white and blue.  

Think the exact opposite of a player like Derrick Coleman.

They made sure you got your money's worth when you showed up in the snow at Eagles games.  They gave you a reason to support a team that didn't have a fighting chance at making the playoffs.  They put their lives on the line to entertain you.  They ARE Philly.  

When you think of their name, Philly comes before or after it.  

Sure, there are guys like Charles Barkley that played IN Philly, but I'm thinking of guys that played FOR Philly.  

I may have left some off of the list that YOU think should have been on it.  I also may have put some on the list that YOU think should have been left off.  To me, these 10 athletes are Philly, regardless of if they've played for other teams in their careers.  If they left Philly, their hearts are still here.

The list is in no specific order, but if you were to rank these 10 players, who would be the #1 B.P.F.P (By Philly For Philly) athlete?

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