Why I like the LPGA

J Pat DyerAnalyst IDecember 19, 2007

I know I sound like I am beating a dead horse—but I am very impressed with the LPGA.

Not for their ability to post low scores, but for their ability to hold my attention while playing a game so boring. It makes the old four corner offense of Dean Smith look exciting.

I know that millions of men love to play golf. I know a great percentage of those men love to watch it. I do admit that on occasion, I have sat and watched Tiger teach a field of pros how golf should be played.

On the whole though, I can truthfully say that I am not a fan of the PGA. I can now however say truthfully that I am a huge fan of the LPGA.

I am a fan of Paula Creamer (I love that name).

I am a fan of Natalie Gulbis.

I am a fan of upstart Anna Rawson.

They all hold my attention every time they approach a ball. They make me salivate as they grip the long slender shaft. They make my eyes dart and dance as their hips swing like a pendulum before that burst of energy that sends the crowd into an euphoric explosion of excitement. They are the best of the spectator sports.

All the other sports will break your heart. In college football, your team may fall to Pitt. In NASCAR, your driver may sign with the team you hate the most. In baseball, you may find those you admired are juiced to capacity.

In the LPGA, your favorite players may lose...but who cares?

I will never be disappointed in their play, as long as they wiggle when they walk and wear those cute white shorts on Sunday!