Oklahoma Sooners: Will All You Critics Just Shut Up!

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2010

Stoops and his Troops.
Stoops and his Troops.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Let’s see if we have this right.  Texas gets blasted in their own house by powerhouse Iowa State for their second  straight home loss, and still Bob Stoops is the one being lambasted in the press this week.  It seems America has it in for these Sooners as there isn’t a more criticized college football program out there.

There wasn’t a more criticized undefeated team prior to their loss last Saturday night in Missouri.  Then of course the critics use that to point out how overrated Oklahoma really was.  Not willing to concede to the absolute fact that not many, if any team could have gone into that stadium and come out with a win that night.

There was also Dennis Dodd displaying his professionalism in his trade with his article earlier this year calling the Sooners “stupid”.  Another great example of someone tossing boulders from his glass house. 

Now Stoops is being taken to task for punting the ball late in the game.  A decision he absolutely hated to make, but had no choice under the current system.  It’s no secret that most voters in the Harris poll don’t actually watch the games.  They’re just score checkers, and blog readers.  They pick up a paper Sunday morning and the cosmetic difference between a 9 and a 16 point loss is pretty big to them apparently.

Then there’s the coaches poll which is absolutely biased.  If ever there was a poll that lacked in credibility it’s this one.  How else would everyone else have OU ranked in the top 5 during the ’08 season, then Bobby Bowden or somebody at Florida State had them ranked in the 20’s?!  The system is a joke, but when a coach makes a decision to try and benefit his team under that system, he gets blasted?  What’s with that?!

Maybe all this criticism and disdain is just misplaced envy.  There aren’t many programs out there that have done what Oklahoma has done.  Unlike most football programs out there, Oklahoma’s isn’t defined by just one era, or one team, or one group of players.  It’s a program that simply records one championship season after another.

Kids don’t go to Norman Oklahoma for the scenery or nightlife, they’re there to play for and win championships.  They go to Oklahoma to play in big games.  When someone beats Oklahoma, it’s almost always the biggest feather in their cap, almost always their biggest win.  Oklahoma has the ability to define other programs.

The more success, the more criticism, which probably explains why Oklahoma is the most criticized football program out there. Sooner fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Boomer Sooner Baby!!