Of Deer Hunting and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

J Pat DyerAnalyst IDecember 19, 2007

IconDeer hunting is almost as popular as NASCAR in my state.

Well, it's not actually my state, but by the looks of my tax bill I own a sizable chunk.

I wonder if it would be more humane to hunt the drivers and let the deer run around in circles. We could even paint numbers on the deer and get them sponsors.

As for the drivers—I say tie a few of them to a stake to make it real easy.

Of course you all know I'm not talking about Dale Earnhardt Jr. when I say that, because he's the only thing more popular than shooting animals and watching car wrecks in my sizable chunk of the South.

Junior just won the most popular driver award for the fifth year in a row—even though he didn't win a race all season.

He did, however, tell his boss to take a flying leap—and that's also a very popular maneuver here in Dixie.


J Pat