The Scariest Halloween Hex in All of Sports: Victims of the Madden Curse

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The Scariest Halloween Hex in All of Sports: Victims of the Madden Curse

It's almost Halloween which means I'm almost ready to greet obnoxious young people with candy, pretend I'm happy to see them on my front porch, and give them enough candy to rot their teeth and cost their parents an extra thousand or so dollars in dental bills.


That's what those parents get for sending their children to my house dressed like the Jonas brothers or whatever other God-forsaken costume the kids are wearing these days.

Now, I promised a friend of mine that my Halloween article wouldn't involve any tricks or treats, but I need to point out a few things....

First of all, certain writers on certain high profile networks have gone waaaaay overboard with the Halloween stuff. Comparing players to Sweet-Tarts? Really? The only things that compare to Sweet-Tarts are Sprees. Just like the only thing that compares to Coke is Pepsi.  No matter how you try to sneak your Halloween tricks into an article, no athlete is a Sweet-Tart. Sorry. Nice try though. Props for creativity.

That being said I have a treat (sorry Tom) for all of you. I'm not playing any tricks (sorry again Tom), just straight to the point, terrifying doses of real life sports horror. I'm talking of course about the Madden Curse.

Appearing on the cover is like holding a seance in a haunted cemetery. There are supernatural forces at work, and they are not to be trifled with.

Just ask any of these guys

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