Defending Champions Scotland Must Qualify for World Cup?

Andrew McNairSenior Writer IAugust 23, 2008

Since when don't the defending champions of a world event get the automatic chance to do just that?

Scotland are Golf's World Champions (not a major golfing event, I know but it suits me) after Colin Montgomerie and Mark Warren won the 2007 title.

So why aren't they automatically defending their title?

Well, Scotland are ranked 21st in whatever rankings count toward these sort of things and only the top 18 qualify automatically.

Funnily enough, the hosts, China, are getting a free ride (as always these days) so why not the champs?

I always thought it was the host and defending champions who got automatic entry into any such tournaments across nearly all sporting codes.

The Scots will therefore have to qualify and it could (it's possible after all) result in the defending champions being absent from the main event.

Mark Warren is rightfully upset with the ruling, and so am I, as you may have guessed!

I hope, though, that we can put it behind us and qualify successfully to defend our title.

Come on lads.