Mitchell Report: What Would Kenesaw Mountain Landis Do?

J Pat DyerAnalyst IDecember 19, 2007

IconMajor League Baseball needs to make up its mind—either ban steroids with conviction or allow the use of legal performance-enhancers.

The Mitchell Report was full of watered-down verbiage about only penalizing the severe cases.

That's ridiculous.

You either punish everyone or no one. That's the only fair way to deal with the issue.

If it were up to me, I'd error on the side of punishment. I'd throw out all records—including Roger Clemens' Cy Youngs and Barry Bonds' MVPs—and prove to the world that baseball's courage didn't run out the day Kenesaw Mountain Landis banned the Black Sox.

Was that fair?

No—but it saved the game.

My two cents: Show the minor leaguers, the college players, and even the high schoolers that there's no upside to using steroids. Make it a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball if you're caught using—whether it's in the Sunday Church League or the World Series.

I don't care if it's a September call-up who only gets one at-bat. If he gets caught, make the record reflect that he never played in the big leagues—and force his team to forfeit all games for which he was on the roster.

If we make it hurt to use steroids, maybe we can finally put this national embarrassment behind us—and find out who's really the greatest home run hitter of all time.


J Pat