WWE's Miz: "Stand Up" For The Future, Because It Is Going To Be Awesome!

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IOctober 28, 2010

Up until just a few months ago I was not a big fan of the Miz. I was impressed with his ability on the microphone, but I didn’t think he could wrestle an entertaining match. However, recently the Miz has made me eat my words, and in a way I am really glad he did.

I have always been a bigger fan of his more energetic and athletic former tag team partner, John Morrison.  While I am still a huge fan of Morrison, it seems that the WWE has decided to put their faith in the guy who can draw fans from behind a microphone in hopes that his ability to wrestle continues to improve. I think they might be making a safe bet here.

Let us not forget where the Miz started. He started out as the host for the WWE Diva Search and Friday Night Smackdown. Then when he was moved to the main roster he became a joke character, nothing more than a sideshow act.

That was until he was moved to ECW. Not long after that he started up a tag team with John Morrison and the duo started up the popular online video series, The Dirt Sheet. Back in 2007 it seemed that Miz was John Morrison’s tag along, but by the time the team broke up in 2009 it seemed that the Miz would be getting put over.

In 2009, the Miz began his assent to the main event. I have to admit I was not a fan of the Miz during this time while he was doing his “Anti-Cena” segments. Even when he won his first United States Championship I was still not a fan of the Miz.

However, starting in 2010 I started to see why people were enjoying the Miz. During his second United States Championship reign it seemed that the Miz became more motivated and hungry for success. Then the people backstage took notice and started putting him over and making him look stronger on television.

The final chapter, so far, was at Money in the Bank when the Miz took another step to fulfilling his dream of becoming a WWE World Champion. His ability to draw heat has gotten better and better as the summer months have worn on and while his recent program with Daniel Bryan has him on the losing end more times than not it still makes Miz looked like the established veteran.

The next chapter is a very important one. What will happen to the Miz? Will he continue his uphill battle into the stratosphere of the WWE? Or will he wall by the wayside as more and more up and coming athletes make a name for themselves?

My personal prediction is that the Miz makes it. I think the Miz will rise above all of the other young stars in the WWE’s “Youth Movement” and become a staple in the company for years to come. I have made statements like this before, but I have never been more certain. The Miz will someday be a WWE Champion and if the WWE play their cards right he will be one of the biggest WWE superstars for the next decade to come.

With other guys like Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan slowly building up their creditability I now see the Miz as the leader of the “Youth Movement” and the flag bearer for the next generation.

The only variable left is if the Miz can stay motivated, keep upping his game and improving his wrestling ability.

It could be possible for the Miz to get lost in the shuffle of other young guys who have lost their push like Evan Bourne, John Morrison, and several others. However, out of all those other guys I think Miz has what it takes to persevere and make it to the top of the mountain that is the WWE.

The Miz is on the fast track to climbing that hill and I see him becoming a world champion within a year. I’m not certain it will be a successful reign, but that doesn’t mean he will fail. Cm Punk’s first title reign was terrible, but his future reigns during his run on Smackdown were a huge improvement.

Starting out as a kid on MTV’s The Real World the Miz has really come a long way. He started out as a joke and now we are talking about him being the future of the biggest professional wrestling company in the world. I think I owe the Miz an apology.

I have asked a lot of questions in the article regarding the future of the Miz and these can be applied to any young pro wrestler in the WWE. All of these questions can be answered with one very simple question?

How bad does he want it?


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