Stale: 5 Reasons the Nexus Doesn't Compare to Evolution

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 28, 2010

Stale: 5 Reasons the Nexus Doesn't Compare to Evolution

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    This was a slideshow I couldn't pass up. Lately their has been a lot of talk about the Nexus being the most dominant stable in WWE history. While everyone seems to have their own opinion on the subject, I utterly disagree with the accolade.

    Seems like just a few years ago, when four men, two barely known by the WWE universe, took over Monday Night RAW. It wasn't surprising as the Nexus because of it's leader declaring it was coming, but it turned out to be better than we predicted.

    That's right, I'm talking about Evolution. The greatest RAW stable of all time IMO.

    Besides declaring their dominance, many have compared Nexus to Evolution. A comparison which is simply "unsupportable".

    In the following slides, I have listed why Evolution is undoubtedly BETTER than the Nexus. Enjoy creatures of the night.


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    Though we all know Evolution's nasty end, it wasn't until almost two years after their debut did it begin to fall apart. The Nexus has taken many losses over the past months.

    Let's see here, first off, Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan was a part of the Nexus a week before he was released by the WWE. For what? Because he choked a ring announcer with his tie. Thanks Linda McMahon.

    Second, Darren Young.

    Young was thrown out of the Nexus. Because he lost a match to John Cena. It's the WWE, losing a match to Cena is common. Young was even beat down by Nexus after more than holding his own against Cena.

    Third, Skip Sheffield.

    We all know of Sheffield's unfortunate leg injury in Hawaii. Apparently the muscle of the group, without Sheffield's "devastating" clothesline, Nexus just hasn't been the same.

    Fourth, Michael Tarver.

    Tarver IMO, was good as Barrett on the mic. His ability to draw heat was surprising to say the least. But like the others, was thrown out of the group. After getting pummeled by John Cena. Barrett later said Tarver was on his way out of Nexus.

    Truth is, Tarver was legitimately injured.

    That's four in almost three months. Wade is already being questioned by David Otunga. How long before we see him on the other end of a Nexus beatdown?

    Now they've added Mr.Perfect and IRS Jr. to the mix. Waste.


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    Let's face it, we all tuned into Monday Night RAW to see what Evolution was going to do next. If it was to get revenge for a loss or celebrate another victory, Evolution brought in fresh ideas and new enemies. It was the group we all loved to hate. Nexus...not so much.

    The Nexus angle has indeed become boring and stale.

    In the beginning, Wade kept proclaiming their actions were due to a "higher purpose" yet to be seen. I will admit, their first attack shocked me. I was anxiously waiting for next week's RAW.

    Now I can't stand seeing them. Even the addition of John Cena wouldn't spark any interest in your's truly because WWE Creative isn't very creative at all.

    The attacks are very BORING. We've seen 'em a thousand times before. The usual beatdown. Then three of them, four if were lucky, execute their finishers. With Gabriel's 450 as the exclamation point.

    It also seems like Wade talks about the same thing every week. Taking over the WWE. Winning the WWE championship. Ushering in a new era in the WWE. It's just doesn't interest me anymore.

    I would rather watch all of Evolution's matches and promo's than watch Nexus on a new episode of RAW.

Gimmicks of Members

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    Unlike Nexus, Evolution's members weren't treated as backup to their leader. All of them were unique in their own way. Basically, what I'm saying is that each had their own gimmick. 

    First off, Triple H.

    Still "The Game." The only diamond in professional wrestling. For the whole Evolution angle, he played the heel role to perfection. The calculating world's champion did any and everything to hold the world title. He beat every major RAW superstar at the time. The playfulness of DX was gone and Triple H was as serious as it gets.

    Next, Batista.

    Evolution's "Animal." The muscle-bound freak was undoubtedly Evolution's muscle. Multiple-time tag-team champion with Ric Flair. Batista defeated his fair share of main-eventers while in Nexus. (Like Benoit, Kane and Y2J himself.) Perhaps one of the most memorable RAW moments was when he returned and destroyed Goldberg, ending the assault in destroying Goldberg's ankle.

    Then there's "The Nature Boy," Ric Flair.

    Flair began as a lacky to HHH. But over time, Flair obtained a more prominent role in Evolution. The dirtiest player in the game played a major role in HHH winning/retaining the world title. He was also a mentor to Orton. Flair also helped Orton obtain numerous win's on his way to the top. Flair was the glue that held Evolution together.

    Finally, "The Legend Killer," Randy Orton.

    Orton was TOTALLY different than he is now. Obviously he molded to become world champion in the distant future, Orton was one of the longest reigning IC champions of this decade. Like the name says, he defeated many legends during his tenure. From HBK to Mick Foley, Orton was beating them all. His defining moment came at Summerslam in 2004, defeating Chris Benoit for the world title without any help from the others.

    On to the Nexus. Besides Wade Barrett, what other members have showed they even have a gimmick or even a prominent role in the group? Besides beating down other Superstars? Thought so.


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    Besides in matches featuring all of it's members, when has the Nexus had any legitimate success? Besides Wade Barrett, we barely see any of the Nexus featured in singles competition. Without John Cena, they wouldn't possess the tag-team titles.

    Even laying down for other members to win the titles. What was the purpose of that?

    Triple H started Evolution as the world champion. He defended it numerous times against HBK, RVD, Goldberg, Y2J, Nash and Edge. The list goes on and on. Has Wade Barrett even been remotely close to becoming the WWE champion?

    Not exactly.

    Batista and Flair had a lengthy run as the world tag-team champions. Randy Orton held the Intercontinental title for seven months.

    Triple H won the world title five times, with a total of 616 days. Orton even won the world title while in Evolution. Batista won the Royal Rumble before his departure from Evolution.

    Has Nexus done anything besides beating up fellow superstars? Nothing worth mentioning.

Future of Stars

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    Triple H had already cemented his status as a top superstar for years to come. Ric Flair is Ric Flair. Randy Orton and Batista were always described as the future by Triple H.

    While Batista's future seemed dim at first, he certainly lived up to those words. Beating Triple H for the world title. Longest reigning world champion in WWE history. Multiple-time world and WWE Champion. PWI 500 No. 1 wrestler in 2005, voted ahead of John Cena.

    Beating Undertaker, John Cena, Y2J, Orton, HBK and Rey Mysterio numerous times. Even being the face of the WWE for a short time. He definitely did more than we all expected.

    Randy Orton's future was always bright. Youngest world champion in history. Multiple time WWE champion. The current WWE champion. The current face of the WWE IMO. Orton has beaten almost everyone there is to beat. From John Cena and Sheamus, to Undertaker and Triple H. 

    They've outdone themselves. Now onto the Nexus.

    Slater and Otunga are horrible in the ring. Otunga's finisher is absolutely ineffective. Slater ripped off Ziggler's Zig Zag. Perfect and IRS are decent, but don't seem like world champion material.

    Gabriel could possibly become world champion in the distant future. Problem is he can't work on the mic.  

    Barrett seems to be the only one with big things in his future.


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    Creatures of the Night. Please don't compare Nexus to Evolution. Without Cena and Barrett, they're nothing. At all. Their gimmick is stale. Their antics never change. They have nothing to show for their months of attacks besides the addition of John Cena.

    When Nexus is dead and gone, how many of it's members do you think will be left? I'm predicting maybe three or four. Only one will be a guaranteed world champion.

    If my predictions are right, they won't be around for much longer either.