Jillian Hall: The Most Underutilized Woman in the History of the WWE

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Jillian Hall: The Most Underutilized Woman in the History of the WWE

What do you think of this woman?

Many of you are probably thinking that she is a no-talent hack who can barely wrestle to save her life.

Well, guess what?

You're wrong.

Not only is she an amazing wrestler, but she has accumulated numerous accolades on the indy scene, male or female.

In case you don't know, Jillian Hall was the former WWE jobberette, and most misused Diva talent for her entire career. Some may be wondering why I say "former," so let me fill you in.

Rumor has it that Jillian has been taken off-screen and is now a trainer down at FCW. This is bittersweet, as it is extremely nice of WWE to keep her employed (especially considering their track record with firing Divas), but the fantastic talent was never used to her full potential. This, more than anything else, is what pisses me off.

She had all the tools needed to be pushed, but it never happened!

It's a travesty, because her career was looking skyward in the beginning. She never once complained. Never once asked for more. Never once asked anything of them. All Jillian Hall did was make the best of everything she was given, and WWE basically spat in her face.

It's an outrage!

Jillian was an amazing wrestler, and if you don't believe me, just watch the videos posted in this article. She's a prodigy in the ring. She could be a heel or a face, easily. And her charisma was practically unrivaled.

Jillian was (and is) in love with wrestling, and all she wanted to do was make her mark. Something all wrestlers strive to do when entering the crazy world of wrestling.

The only thing I don't understand is why WWE never utilized Jillian to her full potential. She was as dedicated to them as anyone else was, and she never seemed to step on anyone's toes. So what could explain her jobberette turn?

Could it be that it's because Jillian was a former indy princess?

WWE has been known to frown upon some of their indy-bred talent, so why not Jillian? She does have 12 titles outside of their company, and boasts a very technical arsenal.

But still, Daniel Bryan, Melina, Beth, Phoenix and Mickie James have all accomplished big things in the company, so why wouldn't Jillian?

Maybe it's the fact that they didn't want Jillian to overshadow her male counterparts?

As stated before, Jillian is bursting at the seams with charisma. Every move, every mannerism, every facial expression is full of life and vigor. You really can't pay attention to anything else when Jillian is on your screen because she's just so eye-catching.

If this was the Golden Age of women's wrestling I might consider this a possibility, but it isn't. We are in the "Diva Age" of women's wrestling, and the restrictions put on the women wouldn't allow Jillian to overshadow the men anyhow. She's great on the mic, and is fantastic at making fans care about her, but she'd actually have to get a mic to overshadow anyone.

Overall, I really can't find one reasonable explanation for WWE's waste of this wonderful talent. She dedicated five years of her life to them, and they reduced her to the bottom of the heap. It's sad that she never got what she deserved, and now all I can say is:

Good luck with your future endeavors, Jillian!

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