American Football VS Rugby: Part Two

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American Football VS Rugby: Part Two

In our first post on this subject, we explained why we won't be taking a side in this debate.

We told you we don't know enough about American Football, but that we know (too much, probably...) about rugby.

And that means, we can at least tell you American Football supporters our side of the story.

We want to show you that, contrary to popular belief (outside the main rugby playing nations, anyway), rugby hits are not 'softer' than American Football hits, rugby players are not slow or unskilled compared to American Football players, and that - yes - tackles certainly do go above the shoulders in rugby.

In part one, we showed you a clip of rugby tackles. Here's round two - more hard hits, blood, head-highs and dirt than you can shake a stick at.

Enjoy, sports fans!

Rugby Union

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