NBA 2010-11 Season: What We've Learned So Far Based Upon Opening Games

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IOctober 28, 2010

Will Kevin Durant capture his first MVP trophy this season?
Will Kevin Durant capture his first MVP trophy this season?Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Last night I experienced an overwhelming dose of NBA League Pass for the first time in months, and let me be honest, there were no complaints on my end.

After a mere 48 hours of professional basketball played, I’ve already began to notice fans overreacting and making stupid predictions based on what they’ve seed thus far.

With the season officially underway, NBAPrimetime’s Brandon Ribak presents questions and gives his first impressions on them for the 2010 season.


Were the Miami Heat over-hyped entering the season?

Over-hyped isn’t even the word to explain all the attention that the Heat received once LeBron made his way to South Beach.

During Miami’s first regular season game, the team seemed discombobulated at best.

But can you blame them?

Dwyane Wade’s preseason injury put the big three’s “practice time” to build chemistry in limbo. Without a gist of chemistry the team was destined for a loss, especially to arguably the best defensive team in the entire NBA.

The Heat definitely have their work set out for them, but by mid-season, we should be seeing a completely new Miami team.

People like NBA commentator Jeff Van Gundy are the ones who set the bar ridiculously high for the Heat. Not once did you see Wade, LeBron or Bosh come out and state that Miami would break Chicago’s historic 72-win record or that they would end the year with the best record in the league.

The Heat were not over-hyped entering the season. They were undoubtedly discussed about more than any other team this offseason—but why wouldn’t they be?

Expect a 60- to 65-win season out of the Miami Heat and a competitive battle (against Boston) in the Eastern Conference Finals.


Will Blake Griffin give John Wall serious competition for the Rookie of the Year Award?

If you happened to miss Blake Griffin’s debut on Wednesday night, then that’s unfortunate.

The 6’10″ power forward quickly made up for lost time within minutes of the first quarter, one handing an alley-oop, slamming down an offensive put-back, and ultimately ending the game with an obnoxious stat-line of 20 points, 14 rebounds (nine offensive), four assists and one steal.

Many seem to forget just how good Griffin was in college and quite honestly, just how great he can become in the NBA.

With John Wall being the general consensus pick for the Rookie of the Year Award, I see Griffin giving him a major run for his money, just as long as he can remain healthy.

By season's end, if all goes well, Blake Griffin will take home the trophy with averages of around 14-16 PPG and 10-12 RPG, while providing fans with some of the craziest dunks ever seen in the NBA.


Is Kevin Durant on his way to his first Most Valuable Player trophy?

Kevin Durant was runner up to LeBron James for the MVP trophy last season when he dropped career-highs in points (30.1 per contest) and rebounds (7.6 per game).

With LeBron now paired up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, it will obviously be more difficult for James to post his career averages on a nightly basis.

Having said that, the 22-year-old phenom has yet to reach his peak (scary, I know). With the same team surrounding him as last season, KD will get the opportunity to capture his second straight scoring title, and his first ever MVP trophy.

So is Durant on his way to his first MVP trophy?

Without a doubt.

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